Friday, June 09, 2017

The Harmony of Listening & Reading in Language Learning - Polyglot Progress

"Today Matt discusses the benefits which come from reading and listening simultaneously in language learning!"

An interesting video with Math from Polyglot Progress talking about listening and reading in language learning. My thoughts are a lot like his. About the only thing that I would add, is that I also like to watch Russian videos on YouTube that have accurate subtitles (not automated).

I'm positive that what he says helped me increase my vocabulary and listening comprehension. When I find a video at YouTube that I understand well, it's always contains a lot of words and phrases about a topic I've read and read and read and read some more about. For instance... I understand Russian videos about languages and grammar. I can listen to these kinds of videos nearly without referring to subtitles these days. But if I were to watch a movie about geckos, I'd end up needing much more help. I thought of geckos because of this collection at Zazzle. I'm not really watching videos about geckos on YouTube.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Create Your Own Star Pattern Pillows

Decorative and customizable star pattern throw pillows. You can change the background color to your favorite color. The sample features a black and white star pattern.

Here I changed the background color to red...

Here are white stars against a navy or midnight blue...

Russian Grammar: Gender in Russian

A Russian grammar video about the gender of nouns presented in Russian, but with some English subtitles to help people understand the video. I am one of those learners that enjoys watching grammar videos in my target language. I see people suggest we study the grammar of our target language from within our own language. I prefer to hear the information in Russian. However, I do watch plenty of Russian grammar related videos that I've found in English on YouTube too!

If you're looking for a Russian-English dictionary that includes information such as the gender of the noun, and the accent, check out the Compact Oxford Russian Dictionary. I own one myself and use it regularly.There are plenty of options when it comes to dictionaries, but this one has a great reputation.

Russian Grammar А0 Playlist on YouTube

A playlist full of Russian grammar videos. They are beginning level grammar topics for Russian learners. As of posting this, I've just started the playlist. I'm saving this among my own resources so I can make sure to see them again should I want to brush up on some grammar topics. By the way, the video I saw was entirely in Russian. These videos aren't the best place to start for brand new learners in the Russian language. As for myself, I started watching videos entirely in Russian fairly early in my own study.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wonder Woman Posters at

In their Wonder Woman merchandise store over at Zazzle they have classic Wonder Woman comic book covers, artwork and photography from the brand new movie on a variety of products. Actually, I noticed they don't have many of the classic comic book covers on posters. But you can find them on other products. I created a poster collection because, if I were to buy a product myself... it would be one of these.

Wonder Woman Posters
Wonder Woman Posters
by Annalee Blysse

Memorabilia these days can be customized. I am not sure what that'll do to the pawn shops trade in the distant future, but for now it's sure a lot of fun to create your own gifts! The Wonder Woman store at Zazzle is full of classic comics images and covers, along with photography from the brand new movie!

Using My Time on the Internet More Productively

I woke up this morning and about 20 or 30 minutes into checking out the endless stream at Facebook and YouTube, I reminded myself that I'd like to start to use my time on the Internet more productively.

It wasn't a total waste of time, I did get most of the way through watching a video on YouTube called Photography Tips: Printing your photos has payoffs 1 by Mike Browne. They were talking about how we have our lives in photos on our phone, but the photos sit there in digital space without giving us the chance to enjoy them. But if we see our photos on the wall, we can relive special moments in our lives.

I dragged myself out of bed and (but not away from my iPhone) and took a handful of pictures of some sample magnets I've printed to decorate my fridge that I purchased from Zazzle. I do print my own photos of travel, family and friends... I've got photo key chain that I use every time I drive my truck, I use a photo lamp to read by when I'm waiting time on the Internet, at some point last night, I knocked a photo pillow off the bed and have yet to rescue it from the floor on the other side of the room, I have the photo magnets on my fridge, I've got a wrapped canvas photo from my wedding day printed at Zazzle, I have some posters, greeting cards, postcards, etc...

Above is a collection of custom photo gifts at Zazzle. You can add your image to create your own personalized designs. You can start from scratch of use some of my templates.

Then I spent a half hour working on the theme here on my blog at Blogger. I like the photo background on this new theme.

Bratislava Polyglot Gathering: Interview with Organizer Lydia Machova

New video by Steve Kaufman from LingQ: "As the Polyglot Gathering draws to a close I sit down with organizer Lydia Machova and talk about the event, as well as what it means to be a language mentor as opposed to a language teacher."

как использовать "свой" в русском

как использовать "свой" в русском - how to use "свой" in Russian

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Metatron - Feminine and Masculine Nouns - The Perspective Of A Native

Metatron shares his ideas (native Italian speaker) about how masculine and feminine nouns in latin-based romance languages carry more than a grammatical meaning. "What does it actually mean to have a feminine noun? How does it really feel for someone who has been brought up with this concept his entire life?"

DIY pressed flower phone cases craft

Published on Jan 17, 2017 - Hi! I made phone cases with pressed flower. There are three tips for making pressed flower, too. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks! + and don't forget thumbs up&subscribe X) it will be sooooo nice! I noticed a trends email from Etsy about pressed flowers. There are plenty of DIY tip videos on YouTube. Here's the first one I found. A friend of mine that wouldn't be interested in the arts and crafts project is interested in the Korean language, and this video has accurate Korean subtitles available.