Thursday, February 09, 2017

Personalized Sit 'n Sip Cooler Chair at Zazzle

Personalized Sit 'n Sip Cooler Chair - Our 2-in-1 Sit 'n Sip cooler/sports stool is a great gift for your favorite soccer mom or sports aficionado. Attractive and sturdy, this personalized insulated cooler has plenty of room for your favorite drinks and snacks as well as extra pockets for your car keys or other accessories. Better yet, with just a few simple steps, your cooler becomes a handy portable stool. Great for camping, too! Makes a perfect personalized gift for anyone who likes the outdoors. This product is available in camouflage color or fabric too for outdoors-men. A great gift for fisherman or guys that like camping for Father's Day.

Custom Silver Glitter RSVP Postcards

Create your own RSVP postcard design in trendy white or black GuestCheck font against a bokeh photo of silver or silvery glitter photo for your wedding. It's an attractive, simple typeface that works nice for the initials RSVP. The image behind the text design is a photo that prints a glittery glam photo effect. The font colors in these two designs are the white color code FFFFFF and black color code OOOOOO. But, while you are customizing with Zazzle's sytem, you can big other colors that work better with your wedding palette. You can also add a personalized text message to the back side of the postcard prior to printing. Zazzle has bulk rates for their postcards when ordering for a large event.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Create Your Own 2017 Magnetic Postcards

Create your own horizontal or vertical magnetic postcard size cards with a 2017 calendar for the kitchen fridge or office cubical or wall. There are two styles with black numbers and white numbers. You can add your favorite background color of you customize the design.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Minimalism and Kindle Unlimited

I've been thinking in terms of minimalism the last few years. I'm not an overnight convert! But, over the last few years I've slowly been getting rid of old books. These days I read almost exclusively from the Kindle Unlimited program at Amazon. About the only paperback books buy these days are related to my learning another language. I still go to a local used book store from time to time. But, I tend to bring the books back rather than keep them around.

I didn't find selling any of my books helpful at all. The last time I gathered up some of books in great shape, the place offered me $1. I took it, so it could pay for 1/2 of the gasoline it took me to drive to their bookstore. I don't have enough books to worry about trying to make money selling them. I just give books to the library and let them sell them. It's my way of giving a little something back to the community.