Friday, January 20, 2017

Red Gold and Silver Christmas Tree Decorations

A red, gold and silver Christmas tree. I kept the photo for decorating ideas in the future.

Christmas Tree

Siri Timer Humor

Siri Humor

SIRI humorous responses after requesting a timer.

Soy Sauce - Соевый Соус in Russian

Soy Sauce in Russia

When I was visiting Russian last summer, I took a few pictures to memorize Russian vocabulary. Here is some soy sauce (соевый соус) on a store shelf. Learning Russian? I have some language related Russian products in my online store.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

France Flag Zazzle Collection Banner

A 1140 x 315 France flag banner for your Zazzle collections that fit the theme. Add your own text to decorate. I just used the image alone in my I Love Paris collection below.

If this image was useful to you, saved you time, and you appreciate it, and you're in the market for French souvenirs at Amazon, you can find them here...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bestselling Peace Symbol Gifts and Tees - Peace Gifts at Zazzle

A collection of  the best selling peace symbol gifts and tees in my Peace Gifts online store at

Are you a designer that uses Zazzle too? I found the size of the collection banner image here on this Zazzle blog post: Creating a Great-Looking Banner for Your Store or Profile. I can't say that the banner I created is "great-looking" ... but it is a start. I definitely need more banner images in my collections at Zazzle. I'm up to about 492 collections, and probably 12 of them have banners. I haven't counted, but it's very likely 99% of my collections need help so that they stand out as recommended in that blog post.