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Showing posts from January 8, 2017

Custom Weddings at Zazzle

From gift to tees to invitations, envelopes and so, so much more... you can customize your wedding at I have a small wedding store started on their site myself.

Wavy Blue White Snowflake Pattern 12" x 12" Digital Paper for Christmas

12" x 12" Scrapbook page with the wavy blue white snowflake pattern from my old Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3. This digital paper should be used only for personal art or scrapbooking projects. Snowy winter theme for Christmas. Create your own Christmas scrapbook page. I've been thinking about creating a digital paper download store via Etsy. It's about time I did something with that storefront I created years and years ago. If you see this link today, or in January... nothing going on yet! But it is a new idea for 2017.

Vocabulary Tip for Foreign Language Learners

Vocabulary tip for language learners from the
I Will Teach You a Language podcast and blog
by Olly Richards.

For the last couple years I have been reluctant to spend time using Anki for vocabulary development because I like to learn vocabulary in sentences and/or phrases like Olly Richard's suggests in the above statement. My Russian tutor and I started creating an Anki deck with sentences to develop listening skills and vocabulary, and it occurred to me ... perhaps other people would be interested.

If my Russian language tutor recorded Anki decks with sentences read by a native speaker, anyone out there interested in buying one ore more on Fiverr? If so, I'll let him know.

Fresh Snow in Reno Nevada

A fresh coat of pretty white snow in Reno last week. We've been having rain and snow on and off this year so far.

Duolingo Russian Bots? Anyone?

I'm still looking forward to seeing Russian bots on my Duolingo app. I have been doing fairly good with Duolingo since the start of the year. My closest thing to a New Year's Resolution was to get more work done on the Russian tree at Duolingo and finish it within the next few months. I haven't used the app every day, but when I do, I get some work done.

Purple Orchid Close Up

A close image of a lovely purple orchid I found at a grocery store. This flower had some blemishes, but the plant has so much potential once in the care of someone with a greener thumb than I have.

Bright Aqua Blue Orchid Close-Up

A closer shot of the orchids I found on sale at the grocery store in Sparks, Nevada. Perhaps some orchid loving soul will find their match. I don't make it out to that store very often. But they were having a case lot sale, so I was in the market for tuna and peanut butter while avoiding a traffic jab on I80.

Orchids in a Grocery Store

Some lovely orchids I found the other day at Smith's in Sparks, Nevada. Oh, wow, they had a lovely selection. I am not affiliated with them in anyway! I'm just suggesting that orchid lovers in the Reno area go check them out.

Grocery Store Window Shopping

This store in Sparks, Nevada had the most beautiful, colorful orchids the other day. Wow! So very bright. They weren't all that cheap, and my green thumb needs some help to excel at maintaining orchids. So, it works out that I'm more of a window shopper.

Decorative Pumpkins for Sale

Decorative pumpkin I found at a pumpkin patch near Olympia, Washington. These sure are funny looking creations.

Musical Fountain in Moscow's Gorky Park

Fantastic choreographed water fountain in Moscow, Russia's Gorky Park.

Aeroexpress at Domodedovo Airport

A night time photo of an aeroexpress train at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. In the daytime, they're bright red. The system provides an inexpensive way to get from the airports to into the citty center area to meet up with the metro station or long distance train service to other cities in Russia. This particular train runs back and forth between Domodedova and Paveletsky Station. You can easily find their site for different times and routes into Moscow from the various International airports. You can even buy your ticket ahead of time, but it's only about 75 cents more to buy it at the gate. I noticed that they have great family deals for people traveling with children. Also, when you get off the plane and you're very hungry or thirsty... no need to stop at a kiosk because they have and employee with a cart offering beverages and snacks. From Domodedova and Paveletsky the ride takes about 45 minutes. Here are some of my photos from Russia on products in my Zazzle store.

Bird on Metal Sculpture

A bird I found enjoying a rest on a metal sculpture in a garden. It's an interesting geometric metal sculpture too in a garden at the local hospital.

Spanish Bots on Duolingo

My Duolingo has a way of making me smile. Spanish Bots on Duolingo - Anyone else using Duolingo Spanish bots? Their new year addition was cute.

Cute Blue Eyed Purple Monkey Stuffed Animal

I was window shopping at the store the other day. If I bought everything I think my niece would like... I will never be able to retire.