Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Learning Russian through Music - A Great Sing Along Lyrics Channel

Ёлка - Навсегда ( lyrics , текст песни )

I recently found this (mostly) Russian language channel on YouTube with the lyrics of songs built in the video. You will see in these videos, as the songs progress, the lyrics change from red to yellow to help people sing along.

What a great resource for people that want to learn Russian. I recognize a lot of the performers, so it is a good bet that you'll be able to find the lyrics to translate online. Some of the songs might even be features at Lyrics Translate.

On my channel, I have a Russian Songs playlist that changes as videos come and go on YouTube.

I also have a very, very short playlist of Russian Karaoke. I've been working on switching up to actual karaoke in Russian. It's been a slow task building the list of songs because I'm also listening to Russian audio books while reading along. I have been prioritizing the audio books, but they are pretty time consuming!