Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wonder Woman Posters at Zazzle.com

In their Wonder Woman merchandise store over at Zazzle they have classic Wonder Woman comic book covers, artwork and photography from the brand new movie on a variety of products. Actually, I noticed they don't have many of the classic comic book covers on posters. But you can find them on other products. I created a poster collection because, if I were to buy a product myself... it would be one of these.

Wonder Woman Posters
Wonder Woman Posters
by Annalee Blysse

Memorabilia these days can be customized. I am not sure what that'll do to the pawn shops trade in the distant future, but for now it's sure a lot of fun to create your own gifts! The Wonder Woman store at Zazzle is full of classic comics images and covers, along with photography from the brand new movie!