Friday, June 09, 2017

The Harmony of Listening & Reading in Language Learning - Polyglot Progress

"Today Matt discusses the benefits which come from reading and listening simultaneously in language learning!"

An interesting video with Math from Polyglot Progress talking about listening and reading in language learning. My thoughts are a lot like his. About the only thing that I would add, is that I also like to watch Russian videos on YouTube that have accurate subtitles (not automated).

I'm positive that what he says helped me increase my vocabulary and listening comprehension. When I find a video at YouTube that I understand well, it's always contains a lot of words and phrases about a topic I've read and read and read and read some more about. For instance... I understand Russian videos about languages and grammar. I can listen to these kinds of videos nearly without referring to subtitles these days. But if I were to watch a movie about geckos, I'd end up needing much more help. I thought of geckos because of this collection at Zazzle. I'm not really watching videos about geckos on YouTube.