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A First Spanish Reader by Roessler and Remy

I have used by blog to read a public domain reader, reordering the book for my own purposes so that the different reading sections and questions will be together. I've used the label ... A First Spanish Reader by Roessler and Remy.





_Pen Drawings by CLARENCE ROWS_

This Reader is the outgrowth of a desire for a textbook that combines simplicity with variety. To make it available for use almost at the very beginning of the Spanish course only the present tense has been employed in the first twenty-three selections and difficult constructions have been consistently avoided.

With one or two exceptions, many changes have been made in the selections taken from Spanish authors in order to adapt them to the needs of the beginner. The greater part of the reading material, however, is either original or adapted from other languages. The questions are intended to aid the pupil in the preparation of his lessons. Teachers may alter or amplify these questions as they see fit.

Suggestions as to the method of treating the text may seem impertinent to some. The authors however merely wish to suggest a method which they have successfully employed:

I. Regular preparation of the advance lesson should be made as follows:

_a_. Reading of the text by the teacher, a sentence at a time. Each sentence to be translated by a pupil after the new words have been explained by the teacher, in Spanish if possible.

_b_. A second reading by the teacher, followed by chorus reading of the class.

II. At home the pupil should read the text aloud several times and copy the text once or twice, then study it carefully.

III. In the recitation, translation should be reduced to a minimum, thus allowing a maximum of time for conversation based upon the text. There should also be considerable blackboard work consisting of the questions and answers that were given orally. Repetition of answers by the entire class as well as chorus reading are also profitable. After the reading selection has been thoroughly mastered, oral and written résumés should be given by the pupils.

The authors wish to thank the firm of A. P. Schmidt of Boston for permission to reprint the songs _Bolero_ and _Me gustan Todas_. They are especially indebted to Dr. Manuel Barranco for many valuable suggestions and for assistance in proof reading.



  1. La Escuela
  2. El Discípulo
  3. La Sala de Clase. (I)
  4. La Sala de Clase. (II)
  5. El Discípulo en la Escuela
  6. Una Lección de Español
  7. Una Lección de Geografía
  8. La Familia
  9. Las Monedas de los Estados Unidos
  10. Las Monedas de España
  11. El Año y los Meses
  12. Los Días de la Semana
  13. La Casa
  14. Proverbios. (I)
  15. El Invierno
  16. La Primavera
  17. El Verano
  18. El Otoño
  19. El Cuerpo Humano
  26. Méjico
  21. Frases de Cortesía
  22. Los Recreos
  23. Una Visita
  24. El Teatro
  25. Los Órganos del Cuerpo Humano
  26. El Brasil
  27. Los Pobres Sastres
  28. Tres Palabras
  29. Anuncio del Estreno de una Ópera
  30. Un Portero Exacto
  31. Una Pierna
  32. ¿Qué dice David?
  33. El Canal de Suez
  34. Dura Suerte
  35. El Muchacho Inteligente
  36. El Criado Erudito
  37. Concepto Falso
  38. Chile
  39. Los Cuatro Hermanos
  40. Adivinanzas. (I)
  41. Argentina
  42. El Barbero de la Coruña
  43. El Perro del Ventrílocuo
  44. El Canal de Panamá
  45. Proverbios. (II)
  46. El Competidor
  47. El Estudiante de Salamanca
  48. Adivinanzas. (II)
  49. Cuba
  50. El Tonto
  51. El Peral
  52. El Estudiante Juicioso
  53. Proverbios. (III)
  54. El Espejo de Matsuyama
  55. Los Zapatos de Tamburí
  56. La Portería del Cielo


  57. Refranes en Verso
  58. El Papagayo, el Tordo y la Marica (_Iriarte_)
  59. La Abeja y los Zánganos (_Iriarte_)
  60. Los Huevos (_Iriarte_)
  61. La Rana y la Gallina (_Iriarte_)
  62. El Asno y su Amo (_Iriarte_)
  63. La Víbora y la Sanguijuela (_Iriarte_)


  64. Me gustan Todas (_Spanish Folksong_)
  65. Bolero (_Spanish Folksong_)
  66. Himno Nacional de España. _Manuel Fenollosa_
  67. Himno Nacional de Méjico. _Jaime Nuñó_
  68. Himno Nacional de Guatemala. _Rafael Alvarez_



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