Monday, January 23, 2017

A Question From A New Shopkeeper... What Sells Best on Zazzle?

I have a few friends that recently both started stores at Zazzle. They have ask me what sells best in the online marketplace at Zazzle.

For me... all kinds of varied items. You see, I started my store there many years ago, before we were limited to 100,000, so I have a wide range of products that sell. Below you will find some the gifts that shipped from Zazzle's offices today for various customers around the globe.

But my advice for my friends was actually to do things a little different from what I'd done in the past. Zazzle's site is always changing and adapting to the Internet of today. I suggested that they focus more on creating templates that people can customize.

For instance, below is an example of old Green Shamrock Invitation for St. Patrick's Day has a generic invitation on the back because I'd created it using the Quick Create option. Customers notice that they can customize it, and I have sold it a few times. However, I believe that in today's marketplace, it would be far more beneficial to create an easily adapted invitation template on the backside. (Note to my friend that is reading this... I won't do that this year because I've started another huge project. But if I wasn't otherwise involved, that is what I'd do today.)

So today's advice to them for what sells...

Whatever the theme you're working on...

1. Create products one at a time with unique descriptions, titles and tags...

2. Create your own unique product that contain templates for people to customize or personalized.

3. If you're working on a theme (such as St. Patrick's Day), start a quick search in the marketplace to see what the most popular products for that theme. If you are creating a St. Patrick's Day design this year, the first products you should considering adding it to are probably a t-shirt, a greeting card, a postcard, a stamp, a stick and a clock. If you wanted to make a pouf or a teaput... sure ... make them. There will be less competition! But far more green themed t shirts will sell.

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