Friday, May 27, 2016

Ани Лорак - Миллион алых роз. (ДОстояние РЕспублики 19.04.2013)

Ани Лорак - Миллион алых роз. (ДОстояние РЕспублики 19.04.2013)

A classic song Million Roses in Russian with Russian subtitles on the screen to read along while she sings.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

LEARN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, Lesson: Lilac Is Blooming! Soul Is Singing! | RU...

A Russian language video lesson outside in the spring looking at flowers in a garden with Natasha Brown and her husband. She has the Russian subtitles to read along.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let`s talk! RUSSIA and FRANCE | Французский язык в России | ENG CC

Let`s talk! RUSSIA and FRANCE | Французский язык в России | ENG CC - A little information about the history of the French language in Russia.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Female polyglot explains how to learn languages (CBS)

CBS 5 Bay Sunday (San Francisco) interview about the book, Language is Music, with book author, Susanna Zaraysky. Her book Language is Music on Amazon ....

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Polyglot Reviews Memrise (For Language Learning)

Polyglot Gabriel Silva reviews Memrise, the popular app. A year or so back I used Memrise to memorize some characters in Mandarin too. It was helpful for learning the characters on a menu. But, the lessons I chose didn't have sound.

Khaki and Brown World's Best Daddy Adult Apron

Besides the khaki colored aprons, Zazzle has some white and gold options with different styles of apron. You can change the text color for your own father. A great father's day gift for the man that loves to grill.

Language and Learning

How many languages can a child learn at once? Is there a 'window' of
opportunity, or can they learn multiple languages at any time? And what
are the cognitive benefits of learning more than one language? We
speak with research psychologists and a language teacher about how kids
acquire second, third or fourth languages and how it helps.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Custom Kokopelli Wrist Watches at Zazzle

Here are some customizable white, black and turquoise kokopelli wrist watches at You change change the background color or text. Turquoise is a popular southwestern color. One example would be to customize the black and white wrist watch with a turquoise background. Here are some turquoise color codes with shades of turquoise that you can use to create the watch you want. There are many watch styles available at Zazzle. They have some pretty gold colored watches with nice bands.

Turquoise and White Kokopelli Watches
Turquoise and White Kokopelli Watches by annaleeblysse
Browse more Kokopelli Watches at Zazzle

Hot Pink Color Codes for Zazzle Products

Bright Pink FF0066
Deep Pink FF1493
Hot Pink FF69B4
Neon Pink FF00CC
Fuchsia or Magenta FF00FF

A few bright and hot pink shades of pink and magenta for your Zazzle products. Zazzle allows you to change the background and text colors using HTML color codes. Once you are customizing a product, you can fine tune the six digit alphanumeric codes using Zazzle's system.

Turquoise Color Codes for Zazzle Products

Turquoise 40E0D0
Pale Turquoise AFEEEE
Medium Turquoise 48D1CC
Dark Turquoise 00CED1
Caribbean Blue 00CCCC
Teal Blue (similiar to Biscay Bay) 007885
Teal 008080

Products at Zazzle allow you to change the background and text colors using HTML color codes. Here are some pretty turquoise colors to customize your gifts to coordinate with your own home decor, or match your favorite shade of turquoise.

You can cut and paste the six digit alphanumeric codes above test these colors for your product. When are customizing a design, Zazzle's system will let you fine tune any of these colors with the advanced color chart options.

How the Languages We Speak Shape the Ways We Think

Do speakers of different languages think differently? Does learning new
languages change the way you think? Do bilinguals think differently when
speaking different languages? Does language shape our thinking only
when we're speaking or does it shape our attentional and cognitive
patterns more broadly? In this talk, I will describe several lines of
research looking at cross-linguistic differences in thought. The studies
investigate how languages help construct our representations of the
world at many stages.

Key2Russian - Russian for beginners - step-by-step method

A useful collection of Russian for beginners videos on YouTube. I found it when I was a little more experienced.

Learn Languages Fast - CRAZY, but Powerful TRICK

Funny trick. I can't say that I practice in public often. But I do make up pretend conversations when I drive someplace.