Saturday, May 07, 2016

Russian Grammar # 22: Prepositional Case Again!

A video talking about use of the Russian prepositional case with the preposition "Ha". Here is a link to the site that hosts this channel.

Reflexive verbs in Russian. Verbs with postfix -СЯ, -СЬ

Reflexive verbs in Russian. Verbs with postfix -СЯ, -СЬ

A new video with some examples of the use of reflexive verbs in Russian. You can find information about the book Изучаем Возвратные Глаголы with an online search.

Learn Russian from Russia 24: What Do Animals Say in Russian?

Learn Russian with Russian from Russia! Do you know what animals say in
Russian? That's exactly what I'm talking about in this video.
The video has Russian subtitles, and is in Russian to help with learning authentic pronunciation and sentences.

1 Час - Незабываемое Пение Лесных Птиц / Forest Birds Singing

1 Час - Незабываемое Пение Лесных Птиц / One Hour Forest Birds Singing

В этом видео представлены голоса разных птиц для всех, кто любит природу
и ее певчих пернатых обитателей. Пекрасный фон во время работы,
медитаций, занятий йогой или отдыха.

This video presents the voices of different birds for all those who love the nature and its singing feathered inhabitants. The pretty background while working, meditation, yoga, or relaxation.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Clothes-3 (clothes and colours)

A few clothing items and colors in the Russian language. The video gives practice with adjectives for masculine, feminine, neuter and plural nouns.

Flowers in Russian

A video with some flower images and their names in Russian.

роза розы
гваздика гваздики
тюльпан тюльпаны
лилия лилии
гортензия гортензии
пион пионы
подсолнух подсолнухи
ромашка ромашки
цветы в вазе
платье в цветочек
цветочный узор

Learn Russian - Days of the week

A playlist of seven videos from Easy Russian with a video for each of the days of the week... I like her videos because you can read along in either Russian or English.

понедельник вторник среда четверг пятница суббота воскресенье

Russian Verbs «give» and «take» with pronouns (I, you, he, she, we, they)

A video that goes through use of the verbs to give and to take (давать and брат) in the Russian language with a variety of nouns and pronouns for examples. There are images to demonstrate the action.

Strong Thunderstorm into Reno Time Lapse 5.5.16

A few minutes ago, the thunderstorm overhead was so thick with hail, rain, or whatever that it was blocking the satellite TV signal. I used to work at an office building with hundreds of computers, and every time there was a big lightning storm, or the building got hit, we'd lose one or two computers. That's a small failure rate, but I used to always turn off my own computer during thunderstorms. But today, despite cell after cell passing directly overhead ... I'm working away on my computer with my new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). ( Now that I have experience, I might have bought a unit with a higher capacity. I just bought a basic unit, and it only lasts about 10 minutes after the power goes off. The last time the power cut off, I was walking around the block and didn't get home until after the computer had an improper Windows shut down.