Saturday, April 23, 2016

Custom Bright Pink Glitter Heart Wedding Thank You Card

Cute heart shape against solid white with a customizable photo of bright hot pink glitter. Inside the personalized thank you notecard is for a flower girl, but you can easily customize the text text message as well as the font style, size and color. Note: This heart shape has faux glitter in that any photo used prints on the card. You can create a custom wedding thank you card by adding your own photo. Right now the wording inside is to thank a flower girl, but you can easily use the template to create a similiar card for the bridesmaids, maid of honor, or other members of the wedding party. Of course, you can also change the wording to "best friend" and send a special card to your friend.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Levels of Proficiency in a Foreign Language

Interesting response to another video of a discussion between Anthony Lauder and Luca ... link in the description of this video.

I found myself agreeing with both videos. I think we need a large vocabulary, and that we need to start talking before we have a large vocabulary.

If you would like to reach fluency in a foreign language, watching both of these videos and comparing them to your experiences can be helpful.

Secret to learning languages: resonance (Russian, Pусский), Как учить языки

Secret to learning languages: resonance (Russian, Pусский), Как учить языки - An interesting video with an Russian immigrant in California talking about learning Russian with help of family and on her own. The video has with English subtitles.

Conversational Russian - Words кто-то, кто-нибудь and кое-кто

A video lesson in  Russian describing the difference between кто-то, кто-нибудь and кое-кто.

Conversational Russian - - Words "учить - учиться - изучать"

A video almost entirely in Russian for experienced learners wanting listening experience and review discussing the differences between учить, учиться, and изучать .... different ways to talk about learning in Russian.

Conversational Russian - Prepositional case of noun with question "where?"

This video will help you to understand and to use Prepositional case of
Russian nouns,to ask questions about location and answer these questions.
I put this Russian language lesson (spoken nearly entirely in Russian) in my verbs of motion playlist. Use their examples in the video with verbs of motion and create simple sentences. где

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Слова - Комнаты

Simple video with pictures and a list of different words for rooms in a typical house. Слова - Комнаты ... These words below a list related to, but not necessarily in the video.

комната - комнаты - ванная - прихожая - гостинная - уборная - сени номер - камера - апартамент - каюта - библиотека - аудитория - жилище - горница - студия - мастерская - каморка - клетушка - конура

Conversational Russian - Accusative case of noun with question "where to"

This video is about Accusative case of Russian nouns. You will learn how
to answer question where to? and talk about traveling or going
A video in Russian describing talking about "where to", or answering questions with куда with the accusative case of the noun (and adjective). She also talks about four common verbs of motion.

Conversational Russian - Constructions with "надо" and "нужно"

Conversational Russian - Constructions with "надо" and "нужно" - A video nearly completely in Russian describing how to say you need something, or you need to do something.

Conversational Russian - Past Tense of Russian verbs

This video is about Past Tense in Russian. This lesson will help you to fell free talking about past events. A video spoken in Russian. They go over the past tense use of several verbs below.

читать читал читала читали

делать делал делала делали

работать работал
работала работали

готовить готовил готовила готовили

ужинать ужинал
ужинала ужинали

отдыхать отдыхал отдыхала отдыхали

Conversational Russian - Question "How are you?" in Russian

This video is about question "How are you? - Как дела?" in Russian. After this lesson you will be able to answer this question. Conversational Russian - Question "How are you?" in Russian. A video totally in Russian discussing simple small talk about how a person's day is going.

Conversational Russian - Construction " I like" in Russian

This video is about construction "I like - Мне нравится" in Russian. This lesson will help you to discuss things which you like. A video totally in Russian for learners to practice listening and reading skills. Here is a grammar lesson with some information on the cases used in this sentence construction.

Thank you, you're welcome, please - in Russian

A video on using please, thank you, and you're welcome in Russian. She sets up some visual examples as well as the words to read on the screen.