Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Brake for Butterflies Pink Car Bumper Sticker

I Brake for Butterflies Pink Car Bumper Sticker
I Brake for Butterflies Pink Car Bumper Sticker by silhouette_emporium
Look for more stickers for cars at
Here are some other butterfly bumper stickers in different colors.

Create Your Own Chevron Pattern Paper Cup at Zazzle

Make Your Own Chevron Paper Cup
Make Your Own Chevron Paper Cup by cliffviewgraphics
Look at more Chevron Paper Cups at zazzle

With this chevron pattern, you are free to change the cashmere rose pink background color and create a monotone chevron in any color you'd like: bright blue, violet purple, pretty pink, floral red, gold, orange, yellow, green... even shades of gray.

"Throw a spectacular party with fully customizable paper cups to match your theme! These cups are perfect for birthday parties, summer picnics, and events. Order these with our paper napkins and paper plates for a complete set of party tableware that your guests will love."

Eat Sleep Blog Classic White Coffee Mug for Bloggers


A funny typewritten style font mug for your favorite blogger. A gift for a stay at home mom. Your design will be printed on demand by Zazzle's team in San Jose, California. You can add a name or other information to this coffee cup.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wild About Anchorage Commercial

A classic 1981 TV commercial "Wild About Anchorage" ... a cute song with dancing Alaskan wildlife cartoons promoting tourism to Anchorage, Alaska.

Black Lipstick on Pink Star Customizable Sticker at Zazzle

"Create custom stickers for every occasion! Browse our selection of designs or upload your own photo, logo or text." Besides this star shape, there are six (6) other shapes available in your choice of matte or glossy finish. You will see that you can move the black lipstick print or change the size of that image.

White Peace Love and Shamrocks 2 Inch Round Buttons for St. Patrick's Day

Find a variety of St. Patrick's Day buttons at Zazzle to cover the need to wear some green in March.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black and White Baseball Player Business Cards and Cases

A set of designs with a black and white silhouette shape of a baseball player with basic business card information on a business card case or holder, a magnetic business card, and standard pack of business cards. You can change the background color on these designs. You can also try a different font color or style to create your own cards.

For the card holder, here is a related case with just the image.

And the standard cards...

Ударение и русские гласные ↔ Stress & Russian Vowels - Level 0

Ударение и русские гласные ↔ Stress & Russian Vowels - Level 0

The first link in the description of this video about stress and vowels in the Russian language has the text from the video, but also a lot of information for language learners. You will find other sound files attached to the information page.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

RUSSIAN 1 | Colours - Green Grass | Lesson + Translations

A Russian language video with an accompanying quiz and text available from a link in the description of the video on YouTube. The vocabulary are the basic colors along with typical nouns that fit those colors ... such as white clouds, blue sky, brown horse, red butterfly and pink flower.

"This lesson helps you to learn new Russian vocabulary and to practise
speaking Russian by listening and answering questions. To encourage
Russian language learning, each subsequent Russian WikiTranslate lesson
not only helps you to revise the previous lesson topic but to look at
the translation of the lesson into your native language (or to translate
it into your language) as well as to test yourself on how well you have
learned the new material on our site."

RUSSIAN Animals 1 | Lesson + Translations

A video from WikiTranslate completely in Russian teaching the names of basic animals. In the description on YouTube you'll find a link to the page on WikiTranslate where you can find the text, a quiz, and other information.

RUSSIAN Animals 2

A video on teaching Russian animals, completely in the Russian language. This video is for beginners. The playlist this video is part of has some other helpful videos for beginners. Here is the page on WikiTranslate with a quiz, lesson text and more information.

Дикие животные и птицы АФРИКИ со звуками

Развивающее видео для малышей составлено по методике раннего обучения
чтению - c подписями животных и звуками, которые они издают.

This video teaching the names of African animals in the Russian languages goes into more depth than your typical "elephant, lion and money" video.

RUSSIAN Vocabulary - African Animals

Африканские животные: жираф, крокодил, лев, обезьяна, и

The first video in this playlist has a few Russian names for African animals such as the giraffe, crocodile, lion, monkey and elephant. Here you will find the video, lesson text and a short quiz on the WikiTranslate site.

Транспорт авиа гражданская техника

Транспорт авиа гражданская техника - At first I might have skipped watching this video with the names of airplanes in Russian because they're just not words I need to know. However, a lot of airplanes have numbers in the name. If you need practice saying numbers in Russian like 747 ... this is a short video to watch.