Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gold Alaska Navy Men's American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie

Gold Alaska Navy Men's American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie

Zazzle has a great customizable navy blue men's hoodie or hooded jacket that you can use to create your own design. You can remove the image of the state of Alaska in gold and add your own image or text.

In this photo the model is 6’2” and wearing a large. The garment is unisex and perfect for layering clothing.

White Shamrock on Kelly Green Men's American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie

White Shamrock Green Sweatshirt
White Shamrock Green Sweatshirt by designs4you
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Zazzle sells a customizable Kelly Green Men's American Apparel California Fleece Zip Hoodie that is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Zazzle's system allows you to add text or your own image. If you need this green hooded jacket to create a custom sports shirt for your school, you can remove the shamrock image and create your own design.

"The California fleece zip hoodie by American Apparel blends a basic look with style. Featuring a matching zipper and drawstring, our hoodie will you keep you comfortable since it's made of 100% extra soft ringspun combed cotton. Breathable and extra thick for added warmth. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it uniquely yours!"

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cobalt Blue and White Swimming Shark Barely There iPhone 6 Case

The silhouette of a swimming shark in bright blue and white on a customizable case. You can change the background color or add a personalized text message. "This form-fitting Case-Mate custom case provides full coverage to your iPhone 6/6s with 4.7 inch screen while still keeping your device ultra sleek and stylish."

Monday, February 15, 2016

Orion Nebula 36" x 24" Canvas Prints

A pretty pink Hubble Space Telescope NASA image of the Orion Nebula on a large wrapped canvas print. There is a great President's Day sale at Zazzle this weekend.

Pink tinted version of the space image to bring out some bright magenta, pink and blue colors.

Rusty and green original image.

Blue green tinted artistic reaction for an underwater cosmic effect.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A YouTube Channel to Learn Russian in Russian

Мой день - A short video with pictures to illustrate a dialogue about a man's day in Russian. The whole video has text on the screen to read a long.

This channel on YouTube has beginning level videos that are all in the Russian language. It's a great channel to subscribe to if you want practice learning Russian listening just to Russian while seeing meaningful images or video that will help define words and concepts. I wish I'd found her channel when I was newer with the language! I haven't watched everything, but it looks like a great channel for finding comprehensible input for learning Russian.