Saturday, February 13, 2016

Custom Glass Mason Jars at Zazzle

You will find four new styles of custom glass mason jars via You can add your own design to create a unique item for your home decor or special event.

Biscay Bay Circle Monogram Mason Jar
Biscay Bay Circle Monogram Mason Jar by annaleeblysse
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

ФРУКТЫ -- FRUITS // Learn Russian

"How do you call all those fruits in Russian? Do you want to know Russian names of fruits? Then watch this video." The presenter shares a long list of fruits, as well as some sample sentences. She includes a translation so you can follow along. I appreciate that the entire video is in Russian.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Russian Instrumental Case - Part 8 - Verbs Requiring the Instrumental Case

The last in a series of videos about the Russian instrumental case that go over some reflexive verbs that require use of the instrumental. The presenter isn't a native Russian speaker, but he came up with some good examples.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Custom St. Patrick's Day Quilt Fabrics at Zazzle

Create a custom set of fabrics for your green St. Patrick's Day quilt via Zazzle. You can find many shades of green in their marketplace. You can find shamrock prints, polka dots, chevron patterns, solid colors and other ideas for your quilt pattern.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Rainbow Colored Parrots Painting Printed on Wood Wall Art

Попугаи Австралии Wood Wall Art
Попугаи Австралии Wood Wall Art by Zazzle_888777
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A reproduction of a rainbow colored oil painting on wood wall art.
The artwork features Australian parrots in a rainbow of colors.

Анютины глазки - Colorful Pansies Inviation and Custom Compact Mirrors

A pretty oil painting of colorful purple, orange and yellow pansies. You can find this oil painting on a customizable invitation and a compact that comes in round, oval, square or heart shapes.
Анютины глазки invitation
Анютины глазки invitation by Zazzle_888777
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Черный Лебедь - Black Swan Poster at Zazzle

A pretty green and black swan poster at They've got some pretty artwork in their online store. I was using some of their products to practice reading Russian.

Черный лебедь poster
Черный лебедь poster by Zazzle_888777
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