Thursday, December 15, 2016

Learn Russian through Shop Signs in Saint Petersburg Vlog

When I travel to Russia, and take a bus anywhere, my neck gets sore from trying to read all the signs. By the way, it isn't stupid not to know the word for "shop sign". That isn't a word (watch the video to see) that I have ever seen on an actual shop sign!

I definitely I know how enjoyable it is to travel to a foreign country and do something as simple as read shop signs. It's a great way to see words we know put together in new and interesting combinations. If you can't travel to Russia, perhaps recreate the experience by finding famous Russian stores on the Internet and reading their websites and sales offers.

This is a great channel for Russian language learners of all levels to follow on YouTube. Even though I have been studying Russian for years, have spent many months in Russia, and I still watch everything Angelos Georgakis publishes because I can always find a few new words, or see words in new combinations. Also, he uses subtitles.