Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Blue Marble Collection at Zazzle

Custom gifts with an enhanced version of the Blue Marble photo of earth. This is an adapted image that was reworked to function on products. This image in my store or stores is my own creation that is only inspired by or based on the NASA Apollo Mission photo.

A side note for new designers wondering about public domain images...

Be careful where you find public domain images! The moment that I adapted this public domain images, it became my adaptation. This particular image is no longer public domain as it wasn't a NASA employee that created it ... but it is my work that created this image.

I actually had someone that didn't understand this aspect of using public domain images try to republish this image that I created into their store on Zazzle for resale. That is, of course,  impossible to do at Zazzle. Zazzle only allows customers to customize products for their own personal use, not for resale. Zazzle's terms of service don't allow storekeepers to steal other people's images for commercial use.