Saturday, November 26, 2016

Star Wars - Original Trilogy Russian Language Book

Звёздные войны - Оригинальная Трилогия

Disney is ramping up their marketing world wide for the Star Wars release. When I spent some time in Russia in November, I had a great time checking out toys, books and marketing campaigns. I'm a huge Star Wars fan!

When I came home again, I had a long, long wait at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia. I was excited to purchase a Russian language version of Star Wars - Original Trilogy. Звёздные войны - Оригинальная Трилогия.

The book isn't easily available in Russian in the United States. But I did think of a way of potentially purchasing a copy. The owner of Continent Books and Music Russian book store in Seattle, Washington once told me he'd try to find any book people wanted and and mail it to them. I never tried to order through the bookstore myself because I travel to Russia from time to time and prefer to browse in bookstores in person. Continent Books and Music has a Facebook page if you want to contact them and ask if they'll still order for people.