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Strong Thunderstorm into Reno Time Lapse 5.5.16

A few minutes ago, the thunderstorm overhead was so thick with hail, rain, or whatever that it was blocking the satellite TV signal. I used to work at an office building with hundreds of computers, and every time there was a big lightning storm, or the building got hit, we'd lose one or two computers. That's a small failure rate, but I used to always turn off my own computer during thunderstorms. But today, despite cell after cell passing directly overhead ... I'm working away on my computer with my new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). ( Now that I have experience, I might have bought a unit with a higher capacity. I just bought a basic unit, and it only lasts about 10 minutes after the power goes off. The last time the power cut off, I was walking around the block and didn't get home until after the computer had an improper Windows shut down.

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Extreme photo cropping

Update... the video has been removed since this post was first written...
The ideas discussed in this video brought to mind one mistake I see photographers making when they're selling their photos on custom products in the Zazzle marketplace. There can be a tendency of new (and some experienced) shopkeepers to want to showcasing their entire photo on the custom products available at Zazzle rather than fill the design area available.

Below is an example of what a rounded corner mouse pad would look like if I fit the photo to the mousepad. It would have large white borders.

Below is what the mouse pad looks like when the image fills the entire design area.

Lake Tahoe Mousepad by annaleeblysse
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Cropping, even extreme cropping, can be our friend. Cropping off some of the Lake Tahoe shoreline doesn't take away from the subject of this photo. We can still see the blue water and shoreline. But, large white borders at the top and bottom definitely distracts…

I Love (Fill in the Blank) T-Shirt

I Love (Fill in the Blank) T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
Design your own personal shirts online at Zazzle.
What is it that you love? Let the world know what you love the most with this fully customizable tee. The "Fill in the Blank" text below the "I Heart" design can be changed.

As you can see in the image below, the size of the heart design can change if needed to match the added text.

I just got done watching Michael Phelps get his 8 for 8 gold medals.

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Updated 5/5/2016