Sunday, April 24, 2016

Russian Words for Beginners \ Русские слова

The first Russian vocabulary video in a playlist featuring a collection of at least 200 videos sharing some vocab videos on YouTube. Some of the videos in the list more helpful than others.

Some people swear by flashcard programs like Anki when they are learning a language to gain words through spaced repetition. Personally, I tried creating my own flashcards with Anki, but in the end I don't use the program very often. I save it for difficult words that just aren't sticking.

To increase my vocabulary, I tend to spend more time watching videos on YouTube. Basically, in the time it took me to find just the photo for a flashcard I wanted to make on Anki, I could watch a 30 second video from this playlist and see and image and hear the pronunciation of 30 words.

My system for using YouTube to learn languages is pretty simple. I save language videos in a temporary playlist. I watch these videos several times over a period of time. When I've got what I can from the video, I remove it from that temporary playlist. Some videos I move into a permanent playlist for future review. Some videos I save here on my blog so I can find them again.