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How to make a DIY Piggy Bank

Как сделать подарок/копилку на новый год своими руками/

How to make a DIY New Year gift/piggy bank 

Another video in Russian with English subtitles. This time showing how to create a simple piggy bank from plaster. "In
today's video I will show you a great idea of ​​how your own hands can
be at home to do it is cool and beautiful gift for the new year.
an idea I think especially enjoy the younger generation, who are still
learning and do not work and therefore do not have the money to buy
gifts for loved ones.
suffices to find in the garage or ask neighbors a little gypsum, take a
water-based paint that surely could remain after repair, well, in
extreme cases, you can do even without primer paint, and use ordinary
gouache or watercolor.
In general, the main desire and patience and homemade piggy bank in a little pig you'll get even better than me!"

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