Friday, April 08, 2016

Я в шоке: как разрезать стеклянную бутылку

How to cut a glass bottle in Russian with English subtitles. Я в шоке: как разрезать стеклянную бутылку/банку идеально ровно МАСЛОМ - Smooth perfect cut with OIL. "I'm shocked: Today, I'll show you the idea that you probably have not seen any where. We will cut your hands and at home glass bottle or jar with the help of plant or engine oil. To be precise, the glass we are not going to cut and split. Due to the heated oil film and the temperature difference between the oil and cold water, glass crack perfectly straight. In
the case where the glass is thick, such as from a bottle of champagne
or wine necessarily oil film should be thicker and larger hot metal.
No Good luck, do not forget about safety! Protect exposed skin from the oil spray!"