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Wireless Clear Rhinestones Selfie Stick by Fun Selfie Sticks via Zazzle

Wireless Clear Rhinestones Selfie Stick by Fun_Selfie_Sticks
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Custom selfie sticks via and the maker Fun Selfie Sticks. You can choose different colors for the handle.

Custom Black and White Horse Postcards

Custom White Waffle Robe with Blue Monogram

White Waffle Robe with Blue Monogram by shopmemento
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The robe comes in 8 different colors, and the embroidered thread has 37 different options. This will give you quite the range for a custom monogram on a robe if you're creating a monogram robe for the bride, a bridesmaid, the maid of honor, the bride's mother or other wedding party members.

White Men's Basic Tees Available in Multiple Color Choices

White Men's Basic Tees by pinkgifts4you
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You can find this style in many different colors. White, natural, pink, pale pink, stone green, light blue, gray, ash, lime green, gold, sand, yellow, safety green (neon), athletic orange, safety orange, daffodil yellow, and gold nugget.