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Простоквашино - Трое из Простоквашино

A playlist on YouTube with a series of three cartoons, Трое из Простоквашино, in Russian. You can find the text from these old cartoon films here on vothouse.

'Three from Prostokvashino is a 1978 Soviet animated film based on the children's book Uncle Fyodor, His Dog and His Cat by Eduard Uspensky. The film has two sequels, Vacations in Prostokvashino and Winter in Prostokvashino." Wikipedia description.

Diagramming English: Subject & Verb

"Learn to diagram basic English sentences... and then turn them into Latin!" A playlist going through diagramming some English sentences (grammar) so that you can translate them into Latin. This is a channel for learning some Latin online at YouTube.

Russian: Reading the Cyrillic Alpabet

New to the Cyrillic alphabet? Need practice reading Russian words? This video's presenter reads a bunch of Russian words that are easy to read because they are similiar to their English counterparts, or even adapted from English. I found this video from a post (Russian: the Alphabet and the Keyboard) in the forums at Duolingo, which, if you're interested has released their English to Russian course.

Halloween | Horror Stories - A Dark Dark House

Halloween | Horror Stories - A Dark Dark House - Хэллоуин|Страшилки-ТемныйТемныйдом - A fun way to repeat adjectives and nouns in the style of a scary Halloween story for people learning Russian. The transcript is available so you know the spelling of the adjectives and nouns in different cases.

Read and Listen to a Simple Russian Story - "Point of view" (a story)

You can read along while listening to a simple Russian story. The cartoon characters act out some actions, which may help you pick up new vocabulary or remind you of words you'd run across before.

Custom Polymer Clay Ornaments from Calliope Designs and

Cute "our first Christmas together" custom polymer clay ornaments for couples after the wedding available via Zazzle. There are also some cute bear couples the Calliope Designs shop at Zazzle. Custom polymer clay Christmas ornaments.

Wedding Bell Brunette Bride and Groom Ornament by calliopedesigns
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Polymer clay customizable ornament at Zazzle for newlyweds.

Wedding Bell Blonde Bride and Groom Ornament by calliopedesigns
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The Magic Ring - Волшебное кольцо

An old fairy tale cartoon in Russian. Волшебное кольцо or The Magic Ring. Here is a site with the text: Волшебное кольцо - текст. I found a lot of words in that text that aren't translating well. For instance, котейка - Mike Farley according to online translators, but in this story they're referring to a cat.

Мультики детям: Раз ковбой, два ковбой...

Мультики детям: Раз ковбой, два ковбой...

A few western theme words in Russian to read in this silly cartoon for kids about cowboys...

ковбой - cowboy
ранчо - ranch
салун - saloon
шериф - sheriff

The last scene they're playing...

крестики-нолики - tic-tac-toe игра в крестики-нолики - tic-tac-toe

I looked up...

покер на раздевание - strip poker

and invented...
крестики-нолики на раздевание