Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flying Cardinal Wood Wall Art Photo

Fantastic capture of a male cardinal flying on a snowy day found in one of the bigger shops via

Create Your Own Pink Om Symbol with Photo Magnet

Veil Nebula Space Photo Pink Om Symbol 3 Inch Round Magnet
Veil Nebula Space Photo Pink Om Symbol 3 Inch Round Magnet by annaleeblysse
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You can create your own magnet by replacing the space image with your own photo behind the light pink or neon pink om symbol. Some of the streaks in the nebula have a fuchsia or bright magenta pink tone to them.

Five Funny Trump Halloween Political Tees

Normally I just ignore all the talk about Donald Trump's hair. But, I have to admit ... these Trumpkin and Trumpkin Pie tees at Zazzle are funny. Silly political tees for Halloween. Timely for Halloween this year and next. Well, unless he is the next president of the US ... then you're set for a few years!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Biscay Bay Seahorse Stickers

A set of custom made seahorse stickers at Zazzle with a white and Biscay Bay sea horse against the corresponding background color. If you have a destination wedding, add a custom RSVP or "Thank You" text design.

Kissing Mickey Mouse & Minnie Silhouette Classic Round Sticker

Cute kissing Mickey and Minnie Mouse silhouette image against a pretty shade of purple. Add a custom text message or enjoy the design. Customizable Disney stickers at

Personalized Blue Winged Dragonfly Mouse Pad

Change the name and create your own digital artwork "stained glass" winged dragonfly mouse pad.

Cool! A photo of a blue dragonfly (is libélula Spanish) via Flickr.

... dragonfly ... - Libélula - dragonfy - libelinha

Mosaic Tile Dragonfly Mousepad

Cool photo of mosaic tiles with dragonfly art on a mouse pad at This is the only product you can get this photo on at Zazzle.