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Pillow Fights | Science of Stupid

Some tips from Richard Hammond on the Science of Stupid on Pillow Fights. In case you need a colorful pillow for your next pillow fight ... check out these bright and colorful solid color decorative pillows available at

Solid Color Throw Pillows
by Annalee Blysse

Custom Christmas Cards Collection at Zazzle

Christmas Cards
by Annalee Blysse
A collection of custom Christmas cards. Create your own greeting cards in time for the holidays! At Zazzle you can make your own personalized photo greeting cards. If you would like, you can even add your family story inside the card before printing.

Mustache Gift Ideas

Mustache Gift Ideas
by Annalee Blysse

I've started a collection of novelty mustache gift ideas over at Zazzle. Just a start. I'm working a bit on completing my profile. Zazzlers will know what I'm meaning. There are some changes going live in early September.

Time-Lapse: Lose Yourself in the Night Sky

I take for granted that everyone understands what the Milky Way looks like! "Goldpaint Photography captures the breathtaking Milky Way through these time-lapses taken around the western United States. The stunning short is a good reminder to look up at the sky tonight."

Windswept Clouds at Sunset over the Sierra Nevadas

Two photo collage featuring some clouds the wind was whipping into interesting streaks and swirls at sunset earlier this morning in Reno, Nevada. On the horizon are the Sierra Nevada mountains (California side of Reno). I'm in town looking south toward Carson City. These clouds would have been over Washoe Valley.

Collage of Classic Cars from Hot August Nights in Reno

A collage collection of four colorful classic cars that were here earlier this month in Reno, Nevada for Hot August Nights. Four photos in one.

Photo Shanghai Tower above the Fog, China

Шанхайская башня над туманом, Китай— Планета Земля (@MECTEP) August 25, 2015

A photo of a skyscraper in Shanghai towering over the fog. A sample sentence with the Russian noun for fog (туман) in the instrumental case. One of the prepositions that takes a noun in the instrumental sometimes is над ... над туманом. The phrase окутывать туманом means to envelop with fog. Also you can see the feminine version of an adjective related to the city of Шанхай (Shanghai).

Russian Instrumental Case Videos on YouTube

This first video the introduction to a short review of the Russian instrumental case, including the formation of the noun endings. The first video describes the formation and uses of the case.

Intro Video

Part One on List - This YouTube user has a list full of 8 more videos describing the Russian Instrumental Case

Create Your Own Photo Note Card

At you can create your own note card with photo or artwork. There are several surface areas you can customize with text before ordering: the front, both inside surfaces, and a rectangle on the back of the card. There are several other sizes available. As you can see below you can add a horizontal or landscape photo or a vertical or portrait photo.

Custom Note Card Custom Note Card

Design your own note card. Our design tool allows you to upload & add your art, designs, or photos to create a unique note card! Add text using cool more Personalized Photo Note Card Personalized Photo Note Card

Customize your own photo note card on Zazzle. Use the Customize design tool to upload & insert your art, designs, or image to create a one-of-a-kind more

Create Your Own Custom Banners at Zazzle

Brand new this week at, you can find a variety of size customizable vinyl banners for your wedding, Christmas, birthday or office party or family reunion. These custom banners are "lightweight and durable, our 12 oz. vinyl material is best suited for indoor or short-term outdoor events. This white flexible material comes with an elegant matte finish, and is both fade and tear resistant."

3' x 5' Banner 3' x 5' Banner

Easily create your own custom banner. The design tool allows you to add your art, designs, or photos to create a unique banner for any occasion! You more 6' x 2.5' Banner 6' x 2.5' Banner

Easily create your own custom banner. The design tool allows you to add your art, designs, or photos to create a unique banner for any occasion! You more 5' x 3' Banner 5' x 3' Banner

Create Your Own Photo Greeting Cards

Create your own custom or personalized greeting card at with your photo, artwork or even a text message. They're perfect for personalized Christmas or birthday cards, or any other special occasion. You'll also find hundreds of thousands of cards already in their online marketplace. There are several size options available in a vertical and horizontal orientation.

Custom Greeting Card Custom Greeting Card

Make your own greeting card! The design tool allows you to add your own artwork, design, or images to make a one-of-a-kind greeting card. You can add more Personalized Photo Greeting Card Personalized Photo Greeting Card

Personalize your own photo greeting card on Zazzle! Click the Customize button to insert your own artwork, design, or pictures to make a one of a more Custom Greeting Card Custom Greeting Card