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Russian Pronunciation, Video 2: Russian Vowels

"This is the second of a three-part series on Russian pronunciation. The goal is to quickly familiarize you with the sounds of Russian and the IPA symbols for those sounds. You'll then be able to learn them faster, either through your own studies or through my pronunciation trainers."

This Russian vowel pronunciation video  has some diagrams and talks about tongue placement. It's a useful video for all the vowels, but most particularly звук ы.

Creating Your Own Scrabble Phrases

A tutorial video showing how you can customize a Scrabble tile tee to say what you want. Below you'll find a link to a customizable tee in the Scrabble store at

Women's White Personalized Scrabble Tshirts by scrabble

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Learn Russian - Russian pronunciation | Звук "Ы"

A YouTube video tutorial describing how to create the Звук "Ы" in Russian. "В этом видео я расскажу вам о произношении буквы "Ы" в русском языке! (In this video,I'll tell youabout the pronunciationof the letter "Ы"in the Russian language!)

I'm running for Parliament!

"My name is Wyatt Scott and I'm running for parliament as an independent
candidate for Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon. We all know politics are
corrupt so lets do something about it. Put an independent in the house." Saving Canada from dragons and scary robots.