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Why is Odessa so special? Почему Одесса особенная?

Why is Odessa so special? Почему Одесса особенная?

A Russian language videos talking about Odessa with English subtitles for that make it easy for people that are new to the Russian language to keep up. Found on the Language Tsar's YouTube channel.

Sounds "ш" and "щ" (звуки "ш" и "щ")

A Russian pronunciation video that demonstrates the sounds "ш" and "щ" (звуки "ш" и "щ"). This young lady Irina Mozelova speaks in Russian, and takes the time to provide English subtitles so that you can check both the English and Russian subtitles via YouTube. I'm always pleased to find Russian videos where someone has taken the time to add a translation for foreigners! Even if you're not looking to practice your pronunciation of these two letters, you can test your listening skills with a video like this.

Difference between Ш and Щ - Russian From Scratch

A Russian language pronunciation tutorial video demonstrating the difference between the letters Ш and Щ from Russian from Scratch.

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Pretty Photo of Ashley Lake in Montana on Twitter

A pretty photo of Ashely Lake in Montana. For those us us studying Russian, we can see how spell Ashley, Ashely Lake, and in the state of Montana.

ღஐ๑●••˙Озеро Эшли в штате Монтана, #США˙••●๑ஐღ — Хочу Сюда (@xochusyuda) July 16, 2015

How to Say "Located in" in Russian - Prepositional Case Practice

I was searching on Twitter for more examples of the prepositional case in action based on this post WHERE DO YOU LIVE? ГДЕ ТЫ ЖИВЁШЬ?. I was practicing typing up some sentences describing different cities are located in different states and found...

When I type in that I'll get the translation in English.

Лас-Вегасе находящееся в Неваде.
Las Vegas is located in Nevada.

But when I ask for the translation from English into Russian, both Google and Yandex Translate were giving me a different result.

Las Vegas is located in Nevada.
Лас-Вегас находится в штате Невада.

The same thing for countries...

Римнаходится в Италии.
Rome is located in Italy.

Римнаходитсявстране Италия.
Rome is located in the country Italy.

I will need to find a more advanced Russian grammar lesson to figure out this pattern. As typical, I look for samples on Twitter. It hadn't occurred to me that Lake Mead looks like the Dark Knight logo from the air.
Пересыхающее озеро Мид в штате Невада с высоты немного смахива…


A video teaching the present tense of the Russian verb "to live" (жить) with discussion about how to use the prepositional case. You can find more information on forming the prepositional case endings at this lesson: The Russian Prepositional Case, and Going Places. That lesson also has samples with other verbs that are commonly used with the prepositional case in Russian.

One way to get more practice using the prepositional case is to take search Twitter for the conjugated verb with the preposition ... such as "живут в". Looking on Twitter will remind you that some Russians use the wrong case endings in writing, though I'd bet $1 they get the pronunciation right when speaking. I look up words to see modern usage all the time on Twitter, and typically find examples I don't find in lessons. For instance, today in the tweet below I was looking for "живут в" and ending up finding another verb that is used with the prepositional case "находящее…

Gender of Pronouns and Simple Sentences

A Russian language tutorial video with a demonstration of very simple sentence structure. She also definite the gender of pronouns. The presenter has some simple exercises for viewers to finish. If you'd like to find some more nouns to practice with the list of 625 Words to Learn at Russian For Everyone has sound files to help you with pronunciation, a definition and gender information, along with some sample sentences.

The rules for how to determine the gender of the noun are not included in this particular video. Here are some labels pointing to more information regarding:

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