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Showing posts from July 5, 2015

Wikipedian Christian Cariño

"Wikipedian Christian Cariño talks about her work documenting endangered species on Wikipedia." A Spanish language video with English subtitles.

What is a Red Flag Warning?

Some wild fire safety and prevention tips on the NWS Reno YouTube Channel that has some useful information for people all over desert country.

Thunderstorm Time-lapse 7/7/2015

A time-lapse video (33 seconds) of a thunderstorm that passed through the Truckee Meadows on 7/7/2015, causing some flash floods in the Reno area. Pretty cool video. A shower hit the camera as well toward the end of the video.

Old Postcards Display in Russia

Открытая подготовка к выставке. Старые открытки

Extremely Creepy 1960s Cereal Commercial

Perhaps this advertising campaign is one reason we don't see this type of cereal on our shelves today? Or maybe it just didn't taste very good?

"Well, nothing sells breakfast cereal to kids like a creepy clown.
Clowns, usually, are nightmare fuel as it is, but this one would have
made the kiddies have night sweats."

learn the russian language - HAIR

A video lesson on how to talk about some of the most common hair colors in Russian. Like in English, there are different color words specific for hair.

It should be fairly easy for BBC American viewers to learn that Russians think of hair as "ginger" like our fellow English speakers in the UK.

рыжий ginger
рыжая redhead (woman)