Saturday, May 23, 2015

Russian Baby Arguing With Parents - Funny Kid

Russian Baby Arguing With Parents - Funny Kid

How to stay motivated to learn the Russian language...

Have you run across an Internet polyglot that has twenty-three languages under their belt, and given in to the urge to compare yourself to their abilities? Perhaps you're feeling frustrated that you haven't even perfected the "ы" sound, thus are unable to correctly say малыш in Russian? If you need a little inspiration, take a moment to remind yourself that even Russian baby's have a lot of help from patient parents. Even Russians learn their language because their parents are willing to help them practice and place, and have a bit of fun while learning.

Custom Rickshaw Small Zero Messenger Bag at Zazzle

This weekend is introducing a new size for the custom messenger bags by Ricksaw: Rickshaw Small Zero Messenger Bag. If you find a messenger bag in the online marketplace at Zazzle and don't see the "small" as an option, you can almost always customize a medium, mini or large messenger bag. There is the chance that you will run across a mini bag with an image that isn't large enough to up-size and print a clear image. Zazzle's system will warn you if there aren't enough pixels.

I'd probably enjoy one of these small messenger bags in jade, but there isn't anything wrong with my other Rickshaw messenger bag that I bought from Zazzle awhile back. I'm not really one of those fashion chicks with fifty bags.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Lesson 1 - We Speak in Russian Lesson

Говорим по-русски На уроке Govorim po-russki Na uroke
Lesson 1 - We Speak in Russian Lesson

There is a new channel on YouTube where the presenter read and shared long Russian texts. He provides some repetition for people to follow along. On his Facebook page he has a few links to Dropbox PDF files of the text in the videos. I find it useful to type the unfamiliar words at Google Translate.


If you're learning Russian online at YouTube, I hope you take advantage of this man's videos. One reason I share so many helpful foreign language videos that I've found is to help, in my small way, try to make their efforts worthwhile. Lessons like this are so useful but I'm sure these videos take a lot of time to create. Maybe sending a few Russian learners their way will help keep the lessons coming.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Russian Cases - Usage of the Prepositional

The Russian Grammar channel at YouTube has a playlist with three different videos showing the usage of the prepositional case as well as a breakdown of the prepositional case endings for nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc...

More information about the prepositional case here and regarding nouns here.


A simple three (3) ingredient recipe for avocado ice cream. Really simple. He swears that it is so yummy. Sounds good to me.

The verb 'to know': 'SABER' and 'CONOCER ' in Spanish

The verb 'to know': 'SABER' and 'CONOCER ' in Spanish

A Butterfly Spanish language video on YouTube describing the usage and differences between the verbs "saber" and "conocer". She also lists the present tense conjugation for all pronouns of "saber" and "conocer". Lastly she gives some sample sentences of "saber" versus "conocer".

Wild Iris in Eklutna Alaska Note Book

My mom always loved the wild iris growing near Eklutna, Alaska. When I was a kid and they were putting in the new highway, we dug up some near the old highway and brought them home before the bulldozers could plow them under.

Slang en Ruso

En esta video lección te voy a enseñar slang en Ruso. Espero que te sirve!

A video that demonstrates some modern slang phrases and sayings in Russian for Spanish speakers.

Custom One Up Nonslip Headbands at

Intro video about some new customizable nonslip headbands sold at Zazzle by One Up Bands. Below are three customizable polka dot patterns ready to change by using Zazzle's system to change the background color. More info... Holds your hair in place, and your style in check with this unique elastic headband. Perfect for those days when you just want your hair up and out of your face. Secured by an elasticized band at its base that ensures your coiffure will be extra carefree. One size fits most. Available in 2 fabric finishes: Grosgrain and Satin Headbands are printed before being sewn, allowing for beautiful edge-to-edge printing. Made in the USA.

How to form an Adverb in Russian language

How to form an Adverb in Russian language . Beginners and low intermediate level

A short video demonstrating how some adverbs in Russian are formed from adjectives by cutting off the ending and adding an -о. Below are a few samples...

хороший - хорошо
отличный - отлично

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Learn Russian: Words on Questionnaire

A short video where the presenter goes over the Russian vocabulary for common questions on a questionnaire such as nationality, telephone, address, name, family name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, and purpose of visit. A short Russian travel vocabulary video with some essential words.