Saturday, May 02, 2015

RhinoSpike discovered!

I found RhinoSpike via Facebook, and then noticed some videos. As of today, RhinoSpike has "34014 recordings in 70 languages". Of course, the bulk of the recordings are in the most popular languages people are learning, but there are some less popular options. Anyone can listen and follow along reading the text, only members can download the recordings through either recording for credits or buying credits.

Right now the languages with more than 100 different recordings with transcripts are English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Tatar, Hungarian, Swedish, Vietnamese, and Dutch.

How To Make Your Voice Sound Better In Audacity!

There are hundred, thousands, maybe even "hundreds of thousands" of tutorials on how to use the free software program Audacity to edit audio and sound recordings.

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. The interface is translated into many languages.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Noomi Rapace - Swedish Interview with English Subtitles

Noomi Rapace (English Subtitles) | "Jag gick på strippklubbar i New York" | Part 1 | Skavlan

If you're working on learning Swedish online, perhaps you'll find the Skavlan's YouTube channel useful because they regularly add English subtitles to the video clips they share.

Collection of Northern Lights Gifts and Photos at

New this week at is the ability to create custom collections. I started exploring the options by creating a collection of pretty photos of the Northern Lights at Zazzle. Here is the link to my collections at Zazzle.

Customers and shopkeeper can both create lists. Brides will be able to create a custom collection of invitations and favors for their wedding party. You can create a Christmas wish list and share it via social media. Expectant mothers could create a collection of gifts she'd like for her new baby.

The affiliate link option is built into the social media share buttons, so I imagine that affiliate markers as well as shopkeepers will find use for this new feature at Zazzle.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Russian Alphabet with Flowers

Развивалки - Алфавит для детей под Вальс Цветов
Razvivalki - Alphabet for children under Flower of Waltz

Perhaps you'll find you don't even know all these flower names in English! But, here is a list of flowers with images, pronunciations, and spelling of each flower word in Russian.

Learning Russian Letters Playlist

Мультфильмы про машинки - Буква А - Алфавит для Детей

If you're trying to learn the Russian alphabet or some simple vocabulary words, this channel Kapuki Kanuki is geared towards young kids. The presenter speaks only in Russian, but her point is to teach these words and concepts so will find a lot of images and sounds to reinforce the vocabulary. The playlist attached with this video has over 100 different videos to watch. I'd only watched a few of her videos from this playlist when I was focusing a Cyrillic letter that was giving me a little more difficulty. But after I watched this video by Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition, I decided that it wouldn't hurt me to subscribe to Kapuki Kanuki channel and watch the newly published videos that run across my "subscriptions" feed on YouTube. They might be simple videos, but they're short and sweet. Also, parents with preschool age children will find this channel a great way of introducing their children to the Russian language.

Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition

Anyone trying to learn a foreign language on their own with free resources on the Internet via YouTube and other sites, will eventually run across the Natural Approach developed by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell years ago. This particular video gives a simple overview, along with a great visual example of the importance of "comprehensible input" in language acquisition.

Those of us using videos we find on YouTube for exposure to our target language should keep this idea of comprehensible input in mind. There are plenty of language related videos where vocabulary is presented (sometimes even on a mock green chalkboard) as word with perhaps a sample sentence and no other input. On other language related channels, YouTubers are more likely to use images or body language along with vocabulary words a little easier to understand. It's not that I skip videos that expect me to read. As a literate adult, I can supply some of my own comprehensible input creating images in my mind. But I've definitely found some presenters are a little better at providing a richer visual and auditory environment to teach the meanings of different words.

A tip... Look for videos created for children that are trying to learn your target language. You'll find YouTube channels that adults in various countries created for kids in your target language. If their target audience is a very young child, they will use simple sentences and phrases to describe words and concepts. Adults trying to learn the language will find this helpful. Perhaps you'll find some teaching videos that supply images and sounds to go with any words or concepts.

Incidentally, some of the of the best "vocabulary" videos I've found on YouTube have been created by YouTubers with a personal channel. Translate "my room", "my iPhone", "my iPad", "my purse" or "school supplies" into your target language and you'll find some videos where young girls and women point out all kinds of great everyday items while saying the object's name. I don't post those kinds of videos by kids here as they're target audience doesn't match my interests. But, their videos can sometimes be very helpful for those of us trying to learn a foreign language on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Russian Spelling Rules

Language Studies - Russian Spelling Rules! Beginner Lesson

A video to watch after you understand hard and soft letters in Russian, and want help with spelling words correctly. He goes over a few tips for spelling Russian words, starting with some information that will help in picking the right ending for adjectives.

Hard and Soft Letters in Russian

Hard and Soft Letters - LanguageStudies (Beginner)

Another video on YouTube that goes over the hard and soft vowels and consonants in the Russian language. This video is mostly information but there are a few sample words.

Wild Heat a novel by Lucy Monroe Book Trailer

A book trailer on YouTube for the latest Northern Fire book set in Alaska by Lucy Monroe called Wild Heat. The hillside looks a bit like Ketchikan, Alaska. A contemporary romance novel.

Learning a Foreign Language ... in a Foreign Language

Learning a Foreign Language ... in a Foreign Language

This idea of learning a foreign language in a foreign language is interesting to me. I've seem some language learning materials over the years which advise that we should use only our native language. But, depending on the language, I disagree. After scratching the surface of Tagalog, I can tell that understanding Spanish is a great advantage. If I found Spanish materials teaching Tagalog, I see no reason to ignore them. The same would go for Catalan, which is so closely related to Spanish. When I run across a website written in Catalan, I already understand most of it. Why would I ignore materials I run across in Spanish that might teach me more about Catalan?

I did watch some YouTube videos in Spanish while I was learning Russian. I didn't use Spanish as the primary language to learn Russian. But, I certainly didn't find it confusing to Russian language videos in Spanish instruction. If the concept didn't make sense, I was still learning some words in both languages.

I'm not fluent enough in Russian that I can learn much about another language. But, I already know enough to recognize words in other Slavic languages so I would see no reason to ignore my skills in Russian in picking up a second language from Eurasia. Also, though I'm not at all fluent in Russian, I've already found a Russian speaker's Mandarin Chinese lessons very helpful. I think the way at least that Russian spells words makes more sense than pinyin (English).

Russian Grammar Lesson: The Plural of the Nouns in the Nominative Case

Russian Grammar Lesson 8: The Plural of the Nouns in the Nominative Case

A blog post on Fun Russian with more information and practice regarding The Plural of the Russian Nouns in the Nominative Case. Between the video and that post on her blog, Victoria from Fun Russian goes through the rules for changing Russian nouns from singular to plural. She talks about the endings for both hard and soft stem nouns that are masculine, feminine and neuter. Then she touches on the seven letter spelling rule. I won't copy that information here, but the The 7 Letter Spelling Rule in Russian is discussed both in the video above on on the blog link above.

At the end of the video she gives five practice words in singular, and suggests writing the answers in the comments on YouTube. I did write the words down in singular and plural. Sure enough, I got one wrong and I was quickly able to correct myself via Victoria's comments left for other language learners on YouTube.

Here is the tag in this blog regarding gender of Russian nouns.

принтер - принтеры
printer - printers

девочка - девочки
girl - girls

одеяло - одеяла
blanket - blankets

кухня - кухни
kitchen - kitchens

врач - врачи
doctor - doctors

Learn Russian: Fruits in Russian

Learn Russian: Fruits in Russian

A Fun with Russian YouTube video with many different kinds of fruits (фрукты) in the Russian language. Here is a link to Fruits and Berries in Russia on the Fun Russian site. Fruits are a pretty common topic on YouTube Russian language videos, but this one vocabulary list by Fun Russian is unique in that she adds adjectives and demonstrates how to say "citrus fruits" and "tropical fruits".

Custom Strawberry Photo Round Stickers at Zazzle

Strawberry Round Sticker
Strawberry Round Sticker by ColorShow
A customizable sticker at
You can increase the size of the strawberry image.
You can also add a custom text message such as "thank you".
View more Strawberry Stickers at

Learn Russian: Berries in Russian

Learn Russian: Berries in Russian

A Fun with Russian YouTube video with eight different kinds of berries (ягоды) in the Russian language.

Here is the Fruits in Russian video.

These two videos go together in a longer lesson about Fruits and Berries in Russia on the Fun Russian site. She gives some grammar tips and suggests trying some sentences of your own. These are the kinds of practice ideas I add into my language learning notebook when I'm watching videos like the ones Victoria offers at Fun Russian.

Russian Grammar Lesson: The Plural of Russian Nouns - Exceptions

Russian Grammar Lesson 10: The Plural of Russian Nouns - Exceptions

For more information, check out the accompanying The Plural of the Russian Nouns in the Nominative Case: Exceptions post on the Learn Russian the Fun Way blog. Some of the words that are exceptions to the rules when forming a plural in the nominative case are foreign words, and words in Russian that describe nationalities.

The first video about forming regular plural nouns in the nominative case can be found here: Russian Grammar Lesson: The Plural of the Nouns in the Nominative Case.

Russian Heads or Tails Documentary about Alaska

Аляска - Орел и решка. На краю света - Интер

A Russian documentary about the state of Alaska from a series called Heads or Tails. They have some English with Russian subtitles when talking with Americans, but most of the show is in Russian.

Introducing Zazzle Heart

Zazzle is partnering with LIFE Line in support of their mission to empower Kenyan mothers to care for their children and provide for their families. LIFE Line focuses on handmade products that create sustainable wages for the Makers so that they can lift themselves out of poverty.

Link to the Zazzle Heart start page where you can create your own design or look through the ready-made designs in the Zazzle marketplace featuring products that benefit LIFE Line.

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How to Pronounce Russian Ы

How to pronounce Russian Ы | Russian Alphabet Pronunciation. Lesson 3

Russian language lessons for beginners learning the Cyrillic alphabet and the Russian pronunciation of the letter ы. She gives some interesting information about Ы and И.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learn Russian - Word of the week - the Verb "To Rest"

Learn Russian - Word of the week | Глагол "отдыхать"

In the latest video at the Easy Russian channel on YouTube, Mary teaches how to say "to rest" in Russian. You will hear the pronunciation and see the spelling in the transcript of the verb "отдыхать". Watching her intermediate Russian language videos, you can also find it easy to read along and learn phrases like ... Все очень просто! (Everything is very easy!)

Chinese Pronunciation and Exercise

Chinese Pronunciation and Exercise | Hua Jie Language

I've been going through this book with audio, Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation Manual: Glossika Mass Sentence, and took a break to watch this video via YouTube. I'm had more troubles memorizing the pronunciation of some of the hard consonants in Mandarin, than pronunciation them.

How to Say Flower Beds in Russian

Pretty "клумбы" or flowerbeds full of red flowers decorate this city sidewalk.

A single "клумба" or flowerbed with statue of "журавли" or cranes. This photo shared on Flickr was taken in Vladivostok. Currently they only have the pronunciation of the singlular "журавль" or crane on

Russian Language for Lovers

Russian Lesson 1 - Talk to Russian Women - Love Phrases 1

This Russian Language for Lovers channel at YouTube is definitely more interested in selling a product than some channels. They have courses geared toward men and women that teach useful phrases in Russian talking about love. But on YouTube they do have over 20 videos with a handful of phrases in each video read by a native speaker. They have a standard video format so once you get the hang of it, you can easily fast forward past the introductory 15-16 seconds and get right to the phrases.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Learning Russian Language Русский Язык Valentine's Day

This Russian Language tutorial video goes over some text from the Russian Wikipedia site for Valentine's Day - День святого Валентина. You can find the text there and hear authentic pronunciation. She goes over some of the vocabulary in the text, and at the very end will share the spelling and pronunciation of the conjugation of the verb to hug ... целовать.

How to Say "I Love You" in Russian

The first three minutes of this How to Say "I Love You" in Russian by alltek on YouTube features guest star Uncle Davey's character Viktor Huliganov. Then there is a detailed lesson with over twenty love phrases and other terms of endearment (that both men and women can use) in Russian. Some of the other phrases include ... I'm thinking of you, I want to be with you, kiss me, hug me, be with me, my sweet, my love, and marry me (from man to woman).

Я не котенок, я почти, что тигренок!

Cute kitten with the heart of a tiger cub! Some easy to understand Russian in the title and description for learners. The kind of video that is a cute Internet meme.

Я не котенок, я почти, что тигренок!

Learn Spanish: 150 Spanish Phrases for Beginners Part 1

First video in a series with a long list of Spanish words and basic phrases. Polyglot Pablo on YouTube reads them in Spanish, but there is an English translation to follow along on the screen. There are ten total videos in this Learn Spanish: 150 Spanish Phrases for Beginners playlist.

How to say I love You in Russian

A short playlist of three very short videos with the phrases for how to say a few love phrases in Russian.

  • I love you.
  • I can't live without you.
  • You are my love forever.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Лев рычит

Лев рычит - the lion roars - I think it'll be pretty easy to memorize the verb рычать after looking for a few videos about "рычит". You can find the conjugation of the Russian verb рычит or to roar or growl here.

рычать по-английски or in English ... to roar or growl. Lion's roar. Bears growl. Tigers growl.

Little Crane - Журавленок

Журавленок, на словы Игара Шаферана

Today I was looking over the words in Russian for different animal sounds. This traditional Russian folk song has lyrics about cranes and thus a conjugation of курлыкать. The spelling is a little different from some sources I've seen. I'm under the impression that курлыкать is not that common in writing. 

Human Japanese: iPhone 6+ App Preview

Ready to learn Japanese? Meet your personal sensei-in-a-box.

Human Japanese teaches the Japanese language from square one in a warm, down-to-earth tone. Using a conversational style that interweaves friendly explanations with recordings, animations, reviews, and more, it gradually leads you from the basics through more and more complex sentences.

This video shows Human Japanese on iPhone, but it's also available on many other platforms. Check your favorite app store or see for more details.

I'm saving this video because a friend has it and mentioned it's a great app for learning Japanese.

Cranes журавли

A beautiful traditional Russian folk song in tribute to the soldiers of WWII which claimed over 24 million lives (8 to 10 million military deaths). This video has the English lyrics visible. If you're looking for the Russian and English lyrics to this song Cranes, try here. Cranes журавли

Wildlife Animals Sounds in Russian

Как говорят животные (звуки животных) - развивающее видео для детей (2)

A video with some Russian vocabulary words for animals coupled with the verb that describes the sound that those animals make. How animals speak or how wild animals talk.

One example ... лев рычит ... the lion roars.

The word describing the sound that cranes make ... журавли курлычат or журавль курлычет ... the verb is курлыкать - О журавлях: издавать звуки, похожие на «курлы-курлы».