Saturday, April 25, 2015

Russian Words Related to the Word STAR

Родственные слова к слову ЗВЕЗДА

A video with a handful of Russian words that are related
word to word "star", in that they have the same root in them.

звезда - star
звёздочка - asterisk
звездочёт - astrologer
звездопад - shooting star
звездолёт - space ship
звёздный - adjective of star
созвездие - constellation

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cute Dance Overload

Cute Dance Overload!
3 year old got more swag than you!
Posted by Stanton Warriors on Saturday, April 5, 2014
I watched this Chinese reality TV show video featuring a cute dancing 3-year-old boy so I could read the translation while listening to them speak Chinese. But, by the end, I enjoyed watching the boy! Cute overload!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Language Hacks From LingQ's Steve Kaufman

I'm inclined to agree with Steve Kaufman that the new uses of "hack" and "hacking" can't quite overcome the negative connotations. His video is short and sweet, and I won't share what is in this video...

Instead, I will describe my language learning "hack".

I've been at language learning for decades so there is no question in my mind that language learning takes a lot of repetition. Sure, some words I learn quickly or even immediately. But for most words and concepts I need a lot of exposure too before I learn them.

My hack is that I want to focus that required repetition on what I don't know, and spend far less of my time repeating words and phrases that I do know. To help reduce the unnecessary repetition, I keep track of what I'm studying in a language learning notebook and on this blog. I  keep the notebook so I can practice hand writing and cursive. I started keeping lessons on this blog because it's far more likely that I'll communicate with people via computers than paper, so I want to be able to type.

Basically my typical daily routine is to study foreign language via any of various means, and while doing that I keep notes about the source and the new words or grammar concepts that I'm learning. Sometimes I create a list of words or phrases. Other times I write out sample sentences to practice a grammar point I'm trying to understand. Some days I'm repeating past lessons. Some days I'm looking for new sources for concepts and words I'd already studied. Some days I'm charting new territory. A few days I have enough time to do all three of these activities.

I don't worry about the format of my notes, or language learning notebook. The only constant is that I want to keep track of what I'm learning by date so that I can go back over it and see what I need to review. Most days I check back a few weeks later and self-assess to see what words and phrases that I remember. Sometimes I'll even go back a few months later if I need to remind myself that I am learning a lot.

Recently a Russian man that tries to solicit tutoring in a language forum I use insulted my progress because I forgot how to spell a very common verb. Though I was tempted to remind him that you can catch more flies with honey, I reminded myself instead to keep it positive. Keeping track of what I've studied on this blog and in notebooks helps me keep positive and stay motivated. I can go back many months and read most of what I've written in the past. Let's say I can read 95 out of 100 words. That's a fantastic reminder of how much I'm learning, and yet also a fantastic way to identify those 5 words that I need to review.

If you've looked around my blog at all, you can surely notice that keeping track of some of my language learning on this blog doesn't fit with "blogging" by the standard definition. I never really got into blogging. There are a few bloggers out there with language blogs, but I'm not interested in creating a theme blog and trying to fit into a community because chatting with people in comments on blogs would take time away from learning languages. I figured that out 10+ years ago when I first started this blog and tried for awhile to make it all about writing romance novels. I spent so much time social networking back then that I didn't have time to write. So I started to use this blog to keep track of things that interests me and stopped worrying about attracting followers. I figure that the people that do show up via search engines can look up what interests them by searching or using the tags.

When I need other sources to remember some words and phrases, instead of mainlining custom Anki flashcards, I tend to save pins on Pinterest for images, look on Twitter for sample sentences, and listen to the pronunciation sound file from a site like

By the way, here is the label for foreign languages at lifehacker. It isn't a huge topic over there. Which to me is a little odd because even though I too think making flakier biscuits is cool, I think language learning is the ultimate life hack.

Add A Real Frame To Digital Art with Photoshop CC

Learn how to create an image composite of digital art inside of a real photo frame. This is a great way to demonstrate how your digital art prints will look framed and entices buyers to purchase your work.

He brought up the idea of making a nice image for an Etsy shop. But I thought about scrapbooking when I saw this tutorial.

100 Primeras Frases y Palabras en Ruso

Una lista de 100 primeras frases y palabras en Ruso, con pronunciación y escritura. A list of 100 phrases and words in Russian for Spanish speakers. I wish I could find some English-Russian videos on YouTube in this format. I find it helpful to hear phrases with their translation in English. I've seen some advice to make sure to learn a language from your mother tongue, but being a rebel, I go through so Spanish language Russian lessons on YouTube anyway. So far it doesn't seem to interfere with my thought process. I'm not sure if it helps to interweave languages a bit either! I have yet to find a polyglot or linguist address this idea in a YouTube video or article. But, "learn a third language with your second language" is not an easy concept to Google.

#43 Russian Verbs: говорить, разговаривать, сказать... Speak, talk, say...

#43 Russian Verbs 2: говорить, разговаривать, сказать... Speak, talk, say...

Antonia Romaker compares the Russian verbs "говорить", "разговаривать" and "общаться" on her Russian and English language YouTube channel. She gives the conjugation for "разговаривать" in this video, then talks about examples of when to use "говорить" versus "разговаривать". Check out this video for the conjugation of "говорить".

Death of the Poet, Lermontov - Смерть Поэта, Лермонтов (Video)

Death of the Poet, Lermontov - Смерть Поэта, Лермонтов (Video Course 5) - This video has a scroll of the text of Death of a Poet in Russian while the poem is being read.

When I was looking for a translation, I found a site full of hundreds Russian poems with side-by-side English translation along with sound recordings of the poem being read in Russian.

Смерть поэта/Death of the Poet

and you can find the whole site ...
A new bilingual anthology of Russian verse, From the Ends to the Beginning: A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Poetry, is now available free on the Internet at The aim of this innovative project is to provide an intelligently chosen, well-translated, and comprehensive anthology of Russian poetry from its beginnings in the 18th century to the contemporary scene...

Learn Russian - How to write Russian words | Дышишь и Лилии

Learn Russian - How to write Russian words | Дышишь и Лилии

Video new on the Easy Russian channel going over how to write in Russian cursive two difficult words ... "breathe" and "lily" ... Дышишь и Лилии. This is another of her videos where she takes the time to correct both the English and Russian subtitles to follow along! I'm always on the look out for accurate subtitles to follow along!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#41 Russian verbs: говорить, поговорить, сказать... Speak, talk, say...

#41 Russian verbs: говорить, поговорить, сказать... Speak, talk, say...

A video with information on the use and conjugation of говорить and with the prefix поговорить. There are a lot of sample sentences that go far beyond the typical information that teaches the simple present tense conjugation in terms of speaking languages... Я говорю по-русски. You will notice that #43 in this playlist will continue this line of information and bring разговаривать into the fold.

Personalized Red and White Apple Clipboards for Teachers

Stem, leaf and top of an apple shape in white and red. This clipboard can be personalized for your favorite teacher. You can change the background and text color to create a unique, custom gift for Teacher Appreciation Week. Check out the Earth Day sale at

Personalized Red Apple Black and White Polka Dot Clipboards

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up in a few weeks. Create a custom clipboard gift for your favorite teacher at Stem, leaf and top of an apple shape in red against black and white polka dots. These clipboards can be personalized for your favorite teacher. You can change the background and text color to create a unique, custom gift. See some more teacher clipboards.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Russian Phonetics and Russian Alphabet

ROU Russian Online University

The first video in a series that shares the pronunciation and sample words of each letter, but they also practice each letter and the sample words with cursive writing. It's a great video to watch if you're trying to learn Russian cursive writing because they show how to connect the letters.

How to Say "Kiss Me" in Russian | Russian Language

How to Say "Kiss Me" in Russian | Russian Language

Short video that goes over a formal and less formal way of telling someone "kiss me" in Russian.

поцелуйте меня
Kiss me (formal)

поцелуй меня
kiss me (informal)

целовать - to kiss

Французский - Алфавит - 8

Ran into this French alphabet video on learn French for Russian's channel on YouTube. If you check out the channels they feature, they have a variety of mother tongue options. I'm not looking into French myself right now, but wanted to save the channel for future reference.

Katyusha - Russian Song from WWII

Katyusha - Катюша - Russian Song from WWII - This man Kenneth Bankston sings Катюша in Russian. In the description of the video on YouTube you'll find the Russian lyrics and the English translation to this vintage song.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Russian Verbs: First (е/ё) Conjugation

A detailed look at how to conjugate Russian verbs of the first (е/ё) conjugation, with tips on best practices for study.

The Russian grammar channel at YouTube run by Dr. Curtis Ford via the University of South Carolina. He shares the rules of the first conjugation for Russian verbs. Though there are patterns to follow, the "bad news" is that you can't reliably determine what pattern to follow just from the stem of the verb. He suggests finding a Russian verb books (here are some options at

Conor Learns Russian - Update (Конор изучает русский язык)

Language Tzar shared this video get to see an update on his progress in Russian, which he started learning about a year ago. It's a video that has subtitles in both Russian and English so you can follow along reading the translation, or the Russian words.

Russian Verbs: Second (-и-) Conjugation

A detailed look at how to conjugate Russian verbs of the second (-и-) conjugation, with tips on best practices for study.

In going over the basics of Russian verb conjugation, Dr. Curtis Ford of University of South Carolina brings up that you can't predict the conjugation form from the infinitive, so a Russian verb foreign language reference books (via might be helpful.

Learn Russian - Word of the week | Глагол "читать"

Learn Russian - Word of the week | Глагол "читать"

Short vocabulary video sharing the first present tense conjugation of the Russian verb "читать" or "to read". Most of the videos on the Learn Russian channel have subtitles in English and Russian.

я читаю
ты читаешь
он читает
она читает
она читает
мы читаем
вы читаете
они читают