Saturday, April 11, 2015

Introduction to Russian Pronunciation, circa 1960

Film explains pronunciation techniques used in Russian language classroom. Features Professor Pierre C. Oustinoff in the classroom. One of the reels is cut and cannot be viewed. Digitized from the original 16mm black and white reel in 2013. From the University Archives Audiovisual Collection, Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary. UA07. Acc 1982.066.

I found the model of the speech organs that show where to place your tongue and lips very helpful.

Starting at about 19 minutes in, they talk about requiring students of Russian in this vintage class to practice pronunciation by taping themselves. Figuring out how to play a sample online then record ourselves and saving MP3 files to playback and analyze could be helpful to the solo online learner.

Another way of testing to see if you can be understood ... talk to the Google Translator site using Chrome or your smartphone app.

Russian lesson - Learn colors in context

Russian lesson - Learn colors in context

A video that goes over some basic colors in Russian, along with samples of noun and adjective agreement. They finish up asking and answering some color-related questions.

The Making Of SQUARE Watermelons

The Making Of SQUARE Watermelons - Please SHARE

//The Making Of SQUARE Watermelons// - Please SHARE<方形西瓜>The Japanese are so creative!Source: RTR Japan #japan #watermelon #fruit #fun #creative “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up” - Mark Twain

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I got a kick out of this video I found on Facebook today about square watermelons. In the comments, someone posted an image of a heart-shaped watermelon. Someone else commented that they feel sorry for the watermelons. Oh, boo hoo, these poor watermelons! They're being constricted without their consent!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Grammatical Gender of Russian Nouns

Grammatical Gender of Russian Nouns

One of the most essential concepts for a good foundation in Russian is grammatical gender. We cover how to tell the gender of a noun, when you just need to memorize it, and two quirks of the Russian for "time" (время) and "first name" (имя).

Dr. Curtis Ford of the University of South Carolina goes over basic rules for determining the grammatical gender of Russian nouns. He reminds us that for male names such as Саша, the adjectives that modify the word will be the masculine form.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

8 Great Libertarian Apps That Make Your World Freer & Easier to Navigate

Discussion of a few apps from the Libertarian point of view via Reason's Nick Gillespie. Waze, Red Phone, Text Secure, Meerkat, Periscope, Peacekeeper Emergency Response System, Uber and of course, Reason's mobile app.

Russian Verbs of Motion - 1 Introduction and "To Go"

This video forms an introduction to the Russian verbs of motion. Included is a brief discussion of the characteristics of those verbs and a review of the most important verbs of "going" -- ходить-идте and ехдить-ехать.

Find a little more information regarding Verbs of Going: идти vs ходить. [Verbs of Going: Unidirectional and Multidirectional (идти vs ходить). Present Tense forms of идти, ходить, ехать, ездить). Past Tense of Going Verbs. Introduction.]

Learn Russian verbs : to go (by transport) - ехать

In this video you Learn Russian verb : to go (by transport) - ехать . In this video you will know also some examples of using this verb and the translation in English. You will know what preposition you have to use for it.

A short video with basic information about the Russian verb ехать regarding conjugation and the use.

A few sentences from my own drills...

Я еду в Москву.
Ты едешь в Москву.
Он едет в Москву.
Она едет в Москву.
Оно едет в Москву.
Мы едем в Москву.
Вы едете в Москву.
Они едут в Москву.

Я еду в Россию.
Ты едешь в Россию.
Он едет в Россию.
Она едет в Россию.
Оно едет в Россию.
Мы едем в Россию.
Вы едете в Россию.
Они едут в Россию.

Я еду на автобусе.
Ты едешь на автобусе.
Он едет на автобусе.
Она едет на автобусе.
Мы едем на автобусе.
Вы едете на автобусе.
Они едут на автобусе.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

"I Am Reading a Book" in Russian

I was working on some drills for practicing the accusative case in Russian. Simple, simple example sentences with the verb читать. Find more information about creating accusative endings here. See and listen to the conjugation of the Russian verb читать here.

Я читаю книгу.
Я читаю газету.
Я читаю журнал.

Ты читаешь книгу.
Ты читаешь газету.
Ты читаешь журнал.

Он читает книгу.
Он читает газету.
Он читает журнал.

Она читает книгу.
Она читает газету.
Она читает журнал.

Мы читаем книгу.
Мы читаем газету.
Мы читаем журнал.

Вы читаете книгу.
Вы читаете газету.
Вы читаете журнал.

Они читают книгу.
Они читают газету.
Они читают журнал.

Monday, April 06, 2015

I Want to Buy Something in Russian

Working on some simple patterns in the Russian language. Drills on how to say "I want VERB something." in Russian.

Я хочу купить кое-что.
I want to buy something.

Я хочу пить кое-что.
I want to drink something.

Я хочу делать кое-что.
I want to do something.

Я хочу поесть кое-что.
I want to eat something.

Я хочу сказать кое-что.
I want to say something.

Я хочу быть кое-что.
I want to be something. 

Simple Extended Compound Sentences and Nonliving Nouns in Accusative Case

Simple Extended Compound Sentences and Nonliving Nouns in Accusative Case

This is a longer video on YouTube with information on simple and compound sentences that require the accusative case. This video covers what to do with feminine nouns and starts to talk about what happens with nouns that are inanimate objects.

This is a good page The Accusative Case (The object of a sentence) to reference when learning the rules of the accusative case in Russian.

Это Москва.
Я люблю Москву.

Memorizing what happens to a common word like Moscow in different cases is probably a great way to start memorizing the rules of the different cases in Russian.

Russian Cases: Introduction to the Accusative

This tutorial gives a basic introduction to the concept of direct objects and how they're expressed in Russian with the accusative case.

This video gives a simple introduction in what the accusative case is. The next video covering this subject on this YouTube channel is here Russian Cases - Nouns in the Accusative.

Russian Cases - Nouns in the Accusative

This video introduced feminine forms of nouns in the accusative case of Russian, as well as masculine and neuter nouns that don't change in the accusative. He talks about masculine inanimate nouns not changing in the accusative. Most neuter nouns are inanimate, so they also don't change in the accusative.

For more information see The Accusative Case - Russian Grammar.

Thai Bites - There's No Such Sound as G in Thai by Stuart Jay Raj

Thai Bites - There's No Such Sound as G in Thai by Stuart Jay Raj
In this clip we look at why I avoid using the letter 'g' to represent 'ก' in Thai.

Saving a video lesson from Thai Bites on Thai pronunciation of the letters that would in "goo gai".

Dangerously beautiful: Stunning images of Chilean volcano that may soon erupt

Some lovely video shots of the Villarrica volcano in Chile. The video also shares that the volcano is a bit of a tourist attraction. Dangerous tourist activity! Anyone that has ever driven through northern California will see rocks lying about in fields. If they stop to think about how they got there, and just how far they are from the volcano that erupted ... they wouldn't be hanging around a few miles away from an active volcano taking pictures.

Important information about the Russian Easter

Short video sharing some important information about the Russian Easter.

Пасха - Easter
Христос воскрес! - Christ is risen!
Воистину воскрес! - Truly he is risen!

The root word is familiar in the week day Sunday...
воскресенье - Lord's Day

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Where is Tverskaya Street?

Где Тверская Улица?
Where is Tverskaya Street?

I've been listening to my Russian Pimsleur (via Amazon) and looked up how to spell Tverskaya Street - Тверская Улица - via Flickr. You can find plenty of pretty photos of the famous street in Moscow. I thought the lights reflecting on a rainy night were lovely in this photo.

Pushkin Street

Going through my Lesson 6 in Unit 1 Russian Pimsleur and wanted to see how to spell Pushkin Street ... Пушкинская улица. This image is a vintage postcard of Екатеринбургь (Yekaterinburg). A quick look around Flickr and it seems there is a Pushkin Street in every other Russian town. (Well, maybe that is an exaggeration.)

Скажите, пожалуйста, куда мне отсюда идти?
Please tell me, where do I go from here?

Скажите пожалуйста.
Tell me please. Please tell me.

Скажите пожалуйста, вы знаете, где
Please tell me, do you know where is Yekaterinburg?


"RUSSIA'S OPEN BOOK: WRITING IN THE AGE OF PUTIN." A new documentary hosted by Stephen Fry. Narrated by Juliet Stephenson. 

I'm saving this video featuring modern Russian authors to keep up with literature. The first author in this documentary: Zakhar Prilepin's Author Page at Amazon though look for Sankya too, which isn't on that page. Modern Russian literature.

‘Blood Moon’: Total lunar eclipse over US (NASA STREAM)

‘Blood Moon’: Total lunar eclipse over US (NASA STREAM)

The entire video is over 4 hours! Start about 2:38:30 if you're interested in hearing what the folks at the observatory that taped this have to say about the total lunar eclipse.

Smoke machine? Portal to hell? Mysterious black ring in sky baffles Kazakh village

Smoke machine? Portal to hell? Mysterious black ring in sky baffles Kazakh village

The information on YouTube says that this ring held it's shade for fifteen minutes before it really started to dissipate. I wonder what it is?