Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day from Coca-Cola!

Here is a happy Pi Day message from Coca-Cola! It gave me a nice smile. Great idea!

Lovely Northern Lights Video

Lovely video of the northern lights in real time. Make sure to watch in HD with sound down.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Непознанное - Нострадамус

A Russian language TV show discussing the prophesies of Nostradamus ... Нострадамус. Here is a more academic look at Nostradamus on the Russian Wikipedia site.

謝安琪 Kay Tse 《雞蛋與羔羊》Official MV (HD)

謝安琪 Kay Tse 《雞蛋與羔羊》 Official MV (HD) - I was first introduced to the music of Kay Tse when she played at the Peppermill in Reno last fall. This video has lyrics.



Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Автомат с газировкой (14 серия)

Мировые гастроли Обезьянок из космоса! Сегодня будет настоящий вестерн, ведь наши друзья зажигают на Диком Западе! Мартышки Таки и Оки прилетели на Землю из космоса. Их Миссия - исследовать Землю и ...

The little crazy alien monkeys have shoot out trouble in the wild, wild west with a cowboy vending machine.

Calico Jack Pirate Flag Outdoor Dog Bed - Large

A custom outdoor or indoor large dog bed for your dog with a pirate themed name. Create your own pirate flag design with a Calico Jack skull and crossed swords. You can change the background color if you want something other than black and white. Check out the "Gatekeeper" font in the system if you want to add your dog's name.

Calico Jack Pirate Flag
Calico Jack Pirate Flag by designs4you
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Outdoor Dog Bed - Large

Calico Jack Pirate Flag SIGG Water Bottles

Check out the new selection of customizable SIGG water bottles at The selection below feature a skull and crossed sword Calico Jack pirate flag design.

Blue and White Calico Jack Pirate Flag
Blue and White Calico Jack Pirate Flag by designs4you
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Calico Jack Pirate Flag
Calico Jack Pirate Flag by designs4you
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Calico Jack Pirate Car Flag

You will find new custom car flags available at in a variety of styles and designs. Based on the Calico Jack pirate flag. If you'd like a different background color, choose the "customize it" feature and delete the black background image. You can set the background color to pink or purple or your favorite color. Add your own "Talk Like a Pirate" message. Check out the "Gatekeeper" font in the system ... it is sufficiently pirate-ish.

Gary Allan - Hangover Tonight (Lyric Video)

A new lyrics video by Gary Allan - Hangover Tonight.

Get ‘Hangover Tonight’ at all digital retailers... Music video by Gary Allan performing Hangover Tonight. (C) 2015 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Frozen Anna and Elsa Snowflake Birthday Invitation Personalized Invites

Throw a Frozen birthday party starting with customizable birthday invitations from the Disney store at This set has both a invitation and follow-up thank you format available. "Customize this Disney Frozen invite, perfect for any occasion!"

This first set is blue winter theme...

This next set has a pink and blue summer theme from the popular Disney cartoon.

Frozen Birthday Invitation Personalized Invitations
Frozen Birthday Invitation Personalized Invitations by disney
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Frozen Anna and Elsa Birthday Thank You Invite
Frozen Anna and Elsa Birthday Thank You Invite by disney
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Name and Website Promotional Pens for Authors

There are several different customizable ink pen styles at now where you can add your name and website address to this easy-to-use template to create your own promotional author pens for a book signing or conference. Bulk discounts start at six pens, and by the time you order 300 you get 49% volume discount.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zazzle Chat on 03/12/15

A handful of new products discussed in the 3/12/15 Zazzle chat. Though customers might appreciate a specific product, store keepers with a winder range will find this video most helpful to learn more about:

• Car Flags
• Acrylic Trays
• Headphones
• Water Bottles
• Casual Belts
Can and Bottle Coolers
Wine Stoppers

Solid Color Throw Pillows at

At you can find hundreds of different solid color throw pillows to match your home decor. You are sure to find a pillow with a shade that you like of your favorite color.

Lavender Pillows
Lavender Pillows by designs4you
Light purple throw pillows.
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Solid Red Throw Pillow
Solid Red Throw Pillow by pillows4you
Bright red custom pillows to match your home.
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Light Salmon Pillow
Light Salmon Pillow by pillows4you
Pretty shade of orange.
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Solid Color Cobalt Blue Throw Pillows
Solid Color Cobalt Blue Throw Pillows by designs4you
Brilliant blue throw pillows.
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Solid Color Forest Green Throw Pillows
Solid Color Forest Green Throw Pillows by designs4you
Fantastic shades of green perfect for your decor.
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Dark Red Pillows
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Dark red or maroon pillows.
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Solid Color Peach Puff Throw Pillows
Solid Color Peach Puff Throw Pillows by yellowgifts4you
Pretty shades in the color of your choice for a custom pillow.
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Birthday Cupcake - Kangaroo Invitation 5" x 7" Invitation Flat Card

Birthday Cupcake - Kangaroo Invitation
Birthday Cupcake - Kangaroo Invitation by FrankzPawPrintz
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5" x 7" Invitation Flat Card

"Made especially for my Australian Friends.... Invite your guests with this whimsical Kangaroo Invitation design. With a cupcake balanced on it's head, this design is sure to bring a smile and giggles! BTW, This design has several versions, with different background colors. There is also a Happy Birthday version."

Покупка продуктов в магазине АШАН (ПИТЕР)

A vlog from a young mom in St. Petersburg, Russia. In this video she goes through the items purchased on a grocery and sundries shopping trip. I watched her whole video so I could pick up on new vocabulary regarding food and other goods.

At the very end this lady shows her receipt and I was shocked. You can judge by the length of the video that it takes over 10 minutes to list the purchases and yet the total price was under $125 American! Coupon clipping young American mothers would be green with envy at these prices.

It isn't just my imagination. I read through some of the comments below the video and sure enough, a Russian living her in the US agrees that basic food costs are lower in Russia.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TAG:10 фактов обо мне - 10 facts about me

This video from the Easy Russian YouTube channel, the presenter talks about ten facts about things she likes or can do such as ... favorite movies, actors, and music. You can follow along in either Russian or English subtitles or the transcripts, picking up some phrases or ways to make small talk in Russian.

Винтаж - Дыши

New video on Velvet Music recently Винтаж - Дыши. You can find more information about "Vintage" on their VK page.

Learn Russian Popular SLANG words

YouTube video showing some shortened modern Russian words or slang. She explains that these are traditional words, but you will hear people using them in conversation.

сейчас - шас
мультфиль - мультик
велосипед - велик
что - чё
чё ты делаешь?

Russian Greetings and Other Common Phrases

Lesson 2 - Russian Greetings and Other Common Phrases by Reddit Russian101 on YouTube.

ты - informal you

вы - formal you

Hi (informal)

Hello (formal)

Hello (informal)

Доброе утро.
Kind morning.

Добрый день.
Kind afternoon.

Добрый вечер.
Kind evening.

Как дела?
How are you? (informal)

Как поживаете?
How are you? (formal)



OK. It's nothing.

А у вас?
And you? (formal)

А у тебя?
And you? (informal)

До свидания.


Всего хорошего
All the best

Как вас зовут?
What's your name?

Меня зовут __
My name is__

Это __
This is __

Очень приятно
Very pleasant

Мне тоже
Me too

Молодой человек
Young man


Простите, пожалуйста...
Pardon me, please...

Скажите, пожалуйста...
Tell me, please...

Будьте добры...
Be so kind...

Learn Russian - How to Greet People in Russian

A 4 minute short video outlining use and pronunciation of common Russian greetings.

Hi. Hello. Informal.

Hello. Formal.

Hello. Medium formal.

Здрава желаю.
I wish (you) health.

Доброе утро.
Kind morning.

Добрый день.
Kind afternoon.

Добрый вечер.
Kind evening.

До свидания.
Till (the next) meeting.

Bye. Informal.

Спокойной ночи.
Calm night.

Russian Cursive Letters

Russian Cursive Letters Part One

and Part Two...

This two part tutorial on YouTube will teach you how to write Russian letters in cursive. If you're interested in learning Russian, you should study cursive writing because Russian italics for the lowercase letters are often based on Russian cursive (such as lowercase Т: т, which looks like Latin m). Even if you don't intend to write with pen and paper, you will likely find italics online.

If you're looking for some practice sheets for Russian cursive letters, here are some PDF files available via ASU's Russian links page.

The Abacus - How to Use This Ancient Wonder

Ever wonder about the abacus? This venerable classic is surprisingly easy to use. Check out this brief demo!

It's been a lot of years since I could use an abacus!

CameraBag 2

"CameraBag 2 is a photo app for Mac and PC with a whole new approach to editing." It is a way of bringing smartphone photography styles to your computer creations.

Try it now at

Key Features
- Choose from 100+ built-in styles and filters
- Create and share your own styles and filters.
- Use your own filters on the iPhone app fotograf
- Full suite of 25+ manual photographic tools including advanced curve editors.
- much more

Russian Sound Ы

An exercise to drill the hardest sound of the Russian language for every native English speaker. The sound Ы.

Sample words...
слышишь (звук ы два раза)

And a few sample sentences with the sound.

Выше крыши жили мыши.
Мыши были сыты сыром.
 Четыре тысячи мышей плыли, ты слышишь?

Your Name in Chinese Gifts at Zazzle

At Zazzle you can copy and paste your name in a foreign languages from sites such as Google Translate into the system at Zazzle and create personalized T-shirts, hats, buttons, key chains and other gifts with your name in Chinese. There are several font styles. You can find more Your Name in Chinese Gifts.

Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Tees
Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Tees by annaleeblysse
Use the t shirt maker at
Create your own T-shirt with Chinese symbols.
Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Pillow
Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Pillow by annaleeblysse
View other Font Pillows
 Change the background color to customize this throw pillow.
Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Round Pillow
Angie 安吉 in Mandarin Chinese Round Pillow by annaleeblysse
A cool neon lights style Chinese font to customize at Zazzle.
Find other Font Round Pillows at

Thai Pronunciation : Single Vowels (Episode 6)

I've been working on the Russian letter ы. This vowel sound is very challenging for many people trying to learn Russian as it isn't a sound in our alphabet. But, there is a similiar vowel sound in Thai. Not an exact match, but I assume Thai speakers have less troubles adopting the ы sound when they learn Russian. Check out this video around 6:28.

Irish Chick Women's American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt

Irish Chick T-shirt
Irish Chick T-shirt by designs4you
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Irish Chick Women's American Apparel Fine Jersey T-Shirt
A green chick design for St. Patty's Day designs.
Customize this design with a message of your own.