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Funny Coca-Cola Commercial

I never saw this funny Coca-Cola commercial when it was on TV. Cute.

Ruso Basico #3 - Sonidos - Basic Russian - Sounds

Even if you aren't a Spanish speaker trying to learn the Russian language, the website this YouTuber has but together has a set of pages with a small handful of words with a short sound file to demonstrate the pronunciation of each word thus the sound of each letter of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Saving this one from the video for working on the letter ы.
Мы бы были быстрые быки.

El alfabeto ruso: а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ы ь э ю я
Palabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – аPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – бPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – вPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – гPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – дPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – еPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – ёPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – жPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – зPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – иPalabras en ruso y pronunciación de la letra – йPalabr…

The letter Ы in Words

If you're working on your Russian pronunciation or the Cyrillic alphabet in general, there are a handful of videos on YouTube to help with the the letter ы (буква ы -  звук ы). This video covers some basic words with that letter.

Ruso basico #2 - Basic Russian #2

I was getting in some typing and spelling practice watching YouTuber Genia y Caballo's second video for basic Russian phrases.

как дела? хорошо спасибо пожалуйста пока
большой мужчина
большая женщина
Понимаешь? Понимаю.
Хорошо понимаешь? Хорошо понимаю.
Всё понимаешь? Всё понимаю.
Не понимаю. Не всё понимаю.
Ничего не понимаю. Я ничего не понимаю. I don't understand anything.
Извините. Ничего не понимаю. Извини.
Я не говорю по-русски. Я понимаю. Я всё понимаю. Я хорошо понимаю. Я говорю по-русски. Ты говоришь. Ты всё понимаешь?
Это всё пока.

Russian Cursive Writing - Connecting Letters

Learn to connect Russian cursive letters by following two simple rules as outlined by this YouTuber. Here is another video that can teach you how to write Russian Alphabet (Cursive) by Ruspeach. This lady focuses on how you can connect letters when writing in cursive in the Russian alphabet.

Russian Alphabet (Cursive) by Ruspeach

A YouTube video that shows how to write Russian cursive letters. You may also be interested in printing the Russian Alphabet by Ruspeach. Or perhaps you can focus on Learning to Type in Russian first. I do find printing letters a little more helpful than typing. Perhaps that is because it is more "hands on".

German Eagle Custom Ceramic Pulls

Custom ceramic pulls are now available at Personalize a cabinet with a nice ceramic knob with the design of your choice. You can change the background color or personalize with a customized message.

German Eagle by silhouette_emporium
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Learn Russian: Numbers 11 to 20

Today I spent some time practicing spelling the Russian words for the numbers 1 - 10. Here is that post: How to Count to Ten in Russian. I continued on with that task working on spelling the numbers 11 - 20. Etymologically speaking, a Russian friend told me that the "надцать" in this numbers below basically means "above ten". The root of the Russian word for 20 is also "two tens".


A translator from Russia i talked with told me

How to Count to Ten in Russian

I was practicing spelling the Russian numbers 1-10 today.


I find it helpful to type in Google Translate or Yandex Translate. Yandex Translate a little better for practicing because the correction prompt easier to see. Google Translate is a little better for testing yourself because the correction prompt is easier to ignore.

Find recordings and a list of numbers on Russian Numbers lesson.

Осторожно обезьянки мультфильм смотреть онлайн!

An old Russian cartoon with trouble making monkeys. обезьянки

Осторожно обезьянки мультфильм смотреть онлайн!
Все серии подряд бесплатно!
Супер мультик!
Смотреть вс

Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Хамелеон (Chameleon)

Обезьянки из космоса (Alien Monkeys) - Хамелеон (11 серия)

Our Alien Monkey friends run across a chameleon in this silly episode. "ировые гастроли Обезьянок из космоса! Красочное фламенко в исполнении мартышек из космоса и веселых испанских хамелеонов."

Brikk Luxury iPhone 6

Zazzle released a feature video on the company they do business with called Brikk.

"Brikk, a philanthropy-based luxury brand focused on providing precision made jewelry, technology accessories and lifestyle items, was conceived in 2009. In 2011, Cyrus Blacksmith introduced the Trim and the Heptagon soon followed, helping to quickly make Brikk a household name amongst the fashion forward and humanitarianism driven. Fusing business with charity, Brikk truly is the brain-child of Cyrus and promises to have an impact far beyond any typical NGO or Fortune 500."

Here is one of the luxury iPhone 6 available in the Zazzle marketplace that you can customize.

24k Gold White iPhone 6 by brikk
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Харрисон Форд пострадал в результате жесткой посадки на одномоторном самолете

Харрисон Форд пострадал в результате жесткой посадки на одномоторном самолете

Thankfully Harrison Ford survived the crash of his small plane in California yesterday. In reading the description on this video clip on the Russian RT YouTube Channel prompted me to learned a few new words today...

Голливуда - Hollywood

голливудский актер - Hollywood actor

голливудские актрисы - Hollywood actors

Харрисон Форд - Harrison Ford

звезда - star

голливудские звезды - Hollywood stars

Classic Tootsie Roll Commercial - "How Many Licks"

How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop? Ask Mr. Owl!

Classic Tootsie Roll Commercial - "How Many Licks" - A TV commerical uploaded on the official Tootsie Roll YouTube video channel.

Russian Alphabet by Ruspeach

This video from YouTube demonstrated how to write simple block letters in Russian. It's my favorite video about learning to write Cyrillic letters on YouTube. Other videos suggest cursive writing is much more common in Russia. I'm not advocating skipping cursive writing. But most Russian language learners just need to be able to have another tool for practicing using words. Just like Americans, Russians are online too so before you spend a whole lot of time on fancy writing you'll seldom use ... perhaps focus on Learning to Type in Russian first.

"Щелкунчик" Балет Мариинского театра

"Щелкунчик" Балет Мариинского театра

дир. Валерий Гергиев - адаптация - Михаил Шемякин - 2007 - Just under one hour and thirty minutes. You get the entire ballet performance with this video.

2007 production of the Nutcracker Ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Some basics from Wikipedia: "The Mariinsky Ballet is a classical ballet company based at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Founded in the 18th century and originally known as the Imperial Russian Ballet, the Mariinsky Ballet is one of the world's leading ballet companies. Internationally, the Mariinsky Ballet is most commonly known by its former Soviet name the Kirov Ballet. The Mariinsky Ballet is the parent company of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, a leading international ballet school."

Russian Alphabet Recital

A short video with demonstration of an all that recites the Cyrillic alphabet. This video is short and sweet. Just a quick reminder of the Russian letters.

"Recital of the Russian Alphabet; produced with the Russian Alphabet app by Erasmos, available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad: A Free Version is also available:"

How to learn Thai

If you're learning Thai or for that matter, any language, check out this motivational video. This YouTube talks about identifying your inspiration for learning a new task. My favorite part is when he talks about ... if you don't spend a few minutes each day studying a language, the time will pass anyway.

Purple and White Diagonal Stripes Rickshaw Medium Messenger Bags

Purple and White Diagonal Stripes Rickshaw Messeng Messenger Bags by purplestuff
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A few years back I'd been keeping track of all my referrals on a Squidoo lens via pulling an RSS feed from posterous. Now that both posterous and Squidoo sites are nothing but a memory, I no longer need that RSS feed. Sadly, now that both posterous and Squidoo are a thing of the past, I find I get far fewer referrals. I bet there are many affiliate marketers that miss those sites!

For me, I don't miss Squidoo enough to join up with HubPages. I decided that instead of spending time writing content for someone else, I'd just kick up the content on this blog. I'm not a huge fan of blogging long, long posts. But I have been writing more opinions and ideas.

In the last year (or so) I check in a blog written by another Zazzler and "ex" online content writer that decided to focus on their own blog instead of other people's sites. Check out BrianaDragon …

Nombres Rusos (Ruso Basico) Russian Names

A YouTuber that teaches Russian from the Spanish language with English subtitles. This video talks about about some of the basic Russian names. I've watched a few of her videos. She's got a sense of humor that younger people may like. I've seen a few of her videos where she basically said, if you don't like by video ... don't watch it! Those are my words, not hers.

Understanding Chinese Characters - 扁 bian3 phonetic series

Trying to learn Mandarin Chinese and find that it isn't just the tones, but memorizing the characters that is a challenge? You definitely need to check out this YouTuber's videos. He  helps me cross the bride of being dependent on an alphabet for literacy. I'm not across that bridge yet! But, I'm very much thankful for finding his videos so I can understand a little of the etymology or phonetics of different words and why different characters are created.

Russian Cases! A trick to learn them...

A YouTuber with a hack for learning Russian cases. It's pretty simple idea that very much makes sense. He basically studied the different cases, and created a set of simple and easy-to-use sentences to memorize. He basically uses those examples as a template where he can plug in new verbs, adjectives and words into the sentence to bet his point across. He gives his sample sentences in the description on his YouTube channel. Nothing for sale here! He's just giving away an idea that helped him more effectively use Russian cases when speaking.

Learn Russian with Subtitles - Stories for Children at

The First Well: Learn Russian with subtitles - Story for Children ""
This resource is for parents that want their children to learn or be exposed to other languages. Book Box Inc YouTube channel is organized into about thirty different languages with cartoon videos with subtitles. These cartoons offer a great way for kids to learn new words in a chosen language such as Russian. This video is the first of fourteen in the Russian playlist.

Russian Flag Fabric

Russian Flag by souvenirs4you
Browse Russia Fabrics

Design based on the tricolor flag of the Russian Federation. The flag of Russia. Many Russians associate white with nobility, blue with honesty, and red with courage or love.

Learn Spanish Online at

If you're trying to learn Spanish online, has tons of free resources for people to learn Spanish with free audio texts or podcasts online. Aprende español con audiotextos gratuitos.

This video is one example of how they've created a page with the text from this YouTube recipe video for cooking arroz con ajos tiernos y loma. They've even created some exercises so that you can test your retention after reading the text. Other areas of that site are a fantastic source of information as well.

On they also have a place to add idioms in Spanish, English and other languages.

Hierro caliente batir de repente.
Strike while the iron is hot.

Couple Purple Butterflies Barely There iPhone 6 Plus Case

Couple Purple Butterflies Barely There iPhone 6 Plus Case by zlatkocro
Find more Butterflies Casemate Cases at Zazzle

I found this case looking for some Russian iPhone cases. This Croatian Zazzle designer from Croatia. This design features pink and blue flowers and butterflies. If you need this case for the iPhone 6, 5 or 4 you can customize it.

Matryoshka Doll iPhone 5 Case

Matryoshka Doll iPhone 5 Case by icasespot
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Close-up photo of a matryoshka doll (матрёшка) also known as Russian nesting doll on an iPhone 5 case. If you'd like this photo design on an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5 S, iPhone 5C or iPhone 4 all you have to do is choose the customize option and change the case type and make sure the photo is where you want it located on your custom case.

Fantastic Sale on Custom Buttons at Today

Buttons are 50% or half-off at today. That's a fantastic sale! I only see those deep discounts a few times a year. The exact information on ending date and the Zazzle code to use at checkout is at the top of each page.

Looking for a easy way to wear green this St. Patrick's Day? Here are a handful of St. Pat buttons hosted at Zazzle.

100% Irish Shamrock Buttons by annaleeblysse
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This year in 2015, Pi Day is absolutely epic as you the date and time will match pi twice that day. A sequential time will occur on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 following the sequence of pi. You can add "3/14/15 at 9:26:53" or a custom text message to customizable pi buttons at
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Gender of Nouns 1 with I Learn Russian Channel

I saved this video from their playlist, so it will continue on. They create a small list of nouns to test your ability to distinguish between the masculine, feminine and neuter gender of the nouns by replacing it with correct singular personal pronoun in the nominative case.

Here's a little more information on Russian Personal Pronouns.

The pronunciations and answers start about 1:30 into the video.At the end they have over 100 words to further text your ability. The list and answers for those words are in their YouTube description for the video!

Где мама?
Она там.

Где парк?
Он там.

Где метро?
Оно там.

Где арка?
Она там.

Где европа?
Она там.

Где институт?
Он там.

Где карта?
Она там.

Где кокос?
Он там.

Где зеркало?
Она там.

Где лимон?
Он там.

Где манго?
Оно там.

Где ресторан?
Он там.

Где метро?
Оно там.

Где робот?
Он там.

Где мясо?
Оно там.

Где сахар?
Он там.

Где сомбреро?
Оно там.

Где украина?
Она там.