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Help! How do I set my iPhone 5 to always take the largest possible image resolution?

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 6 and I upgraded my iPhone 5 to the latest IOS, I started having troubles with my phone taking tiny resolution images sometimes and full resolution images other times. I did think that I was making any changes. The iPhone seemed to have been making up its own mind, and I couldn't find any information online regarding the changing image size of my images. I'd end up with tiny images like this one...

With some trial and error I realized that it has to do with the different tone options. If you want the largest possible resolution for an image, make sure that you haven't accidentally brushed your finger across the color tone options and picked out one of the options like "process". I realize now that is why this image is blue.

If you want the largest resolution image, make sure your iPhone camera is set to "none" for the color tone options.

So, why do I have these problems?

Well, for me it is because I had one iPhone p…