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Thoughts on Product Tags and Blog Labels

I started off my morning with a post SEO: The Must-Dos That You Just Can’t Miss regarding blogging with purpose over at Razamazazzle. Some of the posts I find online regarding SEO kinda go in one eyeball and out the other. But I did see something in today that got me thinking a bit.

I often use Google autosuggest to find some ideas for tags on products in my online shop. Or sometimes I even use autosuggest to decide what products to make. Take for instance this search ...

It leads me to believe that yesterday when I added 10 or so polka dotted products to my store, I should have added some polka dot nails. I went back in today and fixed that.

Anyway, with regard to blogging, I know that I under labels posts here on my blog. I don't need to read a whole lot of "tips on blogging posts" to figure that out. I notice that all on my own because when I scroll down the list of old posts here at Blogger, those posts with no labels tend to have fewer overall views than labelled…

How to Memorize China's Major Dynasties?











of China 中華民國

Zedong 中華人民共和國

Republic of China
If you're singing along with the EdX ChinaX Dynasty song, it starts about 30 seconds in.

Frax App Fractal Zoom

Colorful fractal zoom video created on an iPhone with the app Frax. Move the
phone to control direction of the zoom. Uploaded via YouTube Capture with the Dreams soundtrack option.

Frax App Fractal Video

Cycling through some pretty colors with the Frax App for iPhone. Uploaded via YouTube Capture with Blue Danube soundtrack.