Friday, October 23, 2015

Just forget it! The secret of learning new words

Luca Lampariello's video on YouTube about how we learn new words while trying to learn a foreign language. He talks about memory in general. I went to find this video after reading a recent blog post How To Learn Vocabulary Efficiently Without Flashcards by Luca Lampariello.

I also haven't found flashcards very interesting or effective. A few hours hours of adding sound to Anki flashcards or watching a 2 minute foreign language vocabulary video on YouTube? The downside to watching YouTube videos for vocabulary instead is that we're studying a "list" someone else thinks we need to know.

To study words I think I need to know, I look them up on Pinterest and save pins to a Russian Vocabulary board. That way I can see the word in a phrase or sentence. I can attach words to images. If I need to, I will check the pronunciation on