Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hermitage-Vyborg Exhibition

Translation: 18.09.2015 in the center of the Hermitage-Vyborg exhibition "started its work From Nicholas I to Nicholas II. Epoch of Historicism in Russia»

One of the words I have run across yet forget repeatedly is "выставка" for "exhibition". But, the way I figure it, when I someday get the chance to travel to Russian and run across "выставка" on a poster at the Hermitage, I'll probably remember then.

Adjective version of the word...

выставочный центр - exhibition center 


выставлять - to exhibit, to display, to put forward

я выставляю   
мы выставляем
ты выставляешь   
вы выставляете
он выставляет
она выставляет   
они выставляют