Sunday, August 30, 2015

Как решать судоку - Russian Video on How to Solve Sudoku

"Показывается один из вариантов решения числового кроссворда судоку." I was searching YouTube for uses of the Russian verb "решать" to decide or solve and found this video about how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Beginning Russian language learners will appreciate that within the first few seconds, the man will pronounce the sentence "Как решать судоку".

Intermediate Russian users may find this an interesting video to watch because this man is actually physically pointing out ideas and concepts as he talks about them. Though it isn't his intention, he is providing "comprehensible input" for Russian language learners.

The downside is that the only translation available is auto-translated. So the translation isn't correct. For instance, right from the start Google thought he said "how to solve courts" rather than "how to solve Sudoku". An intermediate Russian language learner that is also a fan of Sudoku would feel a bit more confident recognizing the errors, and could pick up some new vocabulary or phrases.