Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Create Your Own Photo Note Card

At Zazzle.com you can create your own note card with photo or artwork. There are several surface areas you can customize with text before ordering: the front, both inside surfaces, and a rectangle on the back of the card. There are several other sizes available. As you can see below you can add a horizontal or landscape photo or a vertical or portrait photo.

Custom Note CardCustom Note Card
Custom Note Card
$2.45 USD

Design your own note card. Our design tool allows you to upload & add your art, designs, or photos to create a unique note card! Add text using cool f...read more
Personalized Photo Note CardPersonalized Photo Note Card
Personalized Photo Note Card
$2.45 USD

Customize your own photo note card on Zazzle. Use the Customize design tool to upload & insert your art, designs, or image to create a one-of-a-kind p...read more

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