Saturday, July 04, 2015

Using Flickr to Improve Your Russian Vocabulary

31. Overwater & Underwater / На воде и под водой

I was wandering around Flickr looking for some Russian words with photos or images. Finding the artist Maria Sergunina's set of 100 Drawings in 100 Days was like a jackpot! The drawings are accompanied by both English and Russian description. Even if you're not trying to improve your Russian vocabulary, check out her artwork anyway! This artist's black marker drawings are a fantastic find on Flickr by themselves.

"Maria Sergunina - 31. Overwater & Underwater / На воде и под водой - Part of my project "100 Drawings in 100 Days". Liners, black marker, 10*14 cm (4*5.6 in). / Проект "100 рисунков за 100 дней". Линеры, черный маркер, 10*14 см."

In this sample, the artwork is a great graphic representation that can remind us how "вода" is expressed in prepositional case and instrumental case.

на воде и под водой
on water and under water

на воде
on water

под водой
under water

чёрное и белое
black and white

Черный противостоит белому.
Black opposes white.

Yin Yang