Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Say "Located in" in Russian - Prepositional Case Practice

I was searching on Twitter for more examples of the prepositional case in action based on this post WHERE DO YOU LIVE? ГДЕ ТЫ ЖИВЁШЬ?. I was practicing typing up some sentences describing different cities are located in different states and found...

When I type in that I'll get the translation in English.

Лас-Вегасе находящееся в Неваде.
Las Vegas is located in Nevada.

But when I ask for the translation from English into Russian, both Google and Yandex Translate were giving me a different result.

Las Vegas is located in Nevada.
Лас-Вегас находится в штате Невада.

The same thing for countries...

Рим находится в Италии.
Rome is located in Italy.
Рим находится в стране Италия.

Rome is located in the country Italy.

I will need to find a more advanced Russian grammar lesson to figure out this pattern. As typical, I look for samples on Twitter. It hadn't occurred to me that Lake Mead looks like the Dark Knight logo from the air.