Thursday, July 16, 2015


A video teaching the present tense of the Russian verb "to live" (жить) with discussion about how to use the prepositional case. You can find more information on forming the prepositional case endings at this lesson: The Russian Prepositional Case, and Going Places. That lesson also has samples with other verbs that are commonly used with the prepositional case in Russian.

One way to get more practice using the prepositional case is to take search Twitter for the conjugated verb with the preposition ... such as "живут в". Looking on Twitter will remind you that some Russians use the wrong case endings in writing, though I'd bet $1 they get the pronunciation right when speaking. I look up words to see modern usage all the time on Twitter, and typically find examples I don't find in lessons. For instance, today in the tweet below I was looking for "живут в" and ending up finding another verb that is used with the prepositional case "находящееся в Неваде".

Я живу в США.
I live in the USA.

Ты живешь в Великобритании.
You live in the UK.

Он живет в Франции.
He lives in France.

Она живет в Италии.
She lives in Italy.

Мы живем в Швейцарии.
We live in Switzerland.

Вы живете в радости.
You all live in joy.

Они живут в одном городе.
They live in one city.

Here would be one interesting tweet...