Friday, May 22, 2015

Lesson 1 - We Speak in Russian Lesson

Говорим по-русски На уроке Govorim po-russki Na uroke
Lesson 1 - We Speak in Russian Lesson

There is a new channel on YouTube where the presenter read and shared long Russian texts. He provides some repetition for people to follow along. On his Facebook page he has a few links to Dropbox PDF files of the text in the videos. I find it useful to type the unfamiliar words at Google Translate.


If you're learning Russian online at YouTube, I hope you take advantage of this man's videos. One reason I share so many helpful foreign language videos that I've found is to help, in my small way, try to make their efforts worthwhile. Lessons like this are so useful but I'm sure these videos take a lot of time to create. Maybe sending a few Russian learners their way will help keep the lessons coming.