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Dallas ISD - Russian Language Lessons

Looking for a video series on YouTube to learn the Russian language? Check out the Dallas ISD Russian World language programs. They've got several years of supplementary videos to work long distance Russian language classrooms around the country.

I found the beginning videos very helpful for learning Russian cursive. Others will find the progression of grammar concepts very helpful. One could use these videos to provide a logical order or structure to learning the Russian language.

On the Dallas ISD website you can find more information about the Russian World Foreign Language Distance Learning Program, as well as PDF files with some exercises that you can complete while watching these videos.

"Урок английского языка. Русский мир является русской I И II дистанционного обучения языку программу, подготовленную Даллас независимом школьном округе. Он предназначен, чтобы дать студентам возможность развивать основные навыки чтения, письма, говорения и аудирования, а также возможности, чтобы узнать о русской культуре и обычаях, истории и традиций."

"English lesson. Russian world is Russian I and II distance-learning language program produced by the Dallas Independent School District. It is designed to give students the opportunity to develop the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as opportunities to learn about Russian culture and customs, history and traditions."

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Updated 5/5/2016