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Russian Verbs that Belong to the First Conjugation

Russian Grammar Lesson 19: First Conjugation Verbs

Read more about the first present tense conjugation of verbs in Russian at the presenter Viktoria's blog post Video: First Conjugation Verbs in Russian. She gives some verbs at the bottom to practice.

You can find Russian verb conjugation charts all over the place online. But it's actually not that hard to memorize the endings in present tense (and other tenses for that matter). For instance, if a verb ends in -ать like бегать you remove the -ть and add -ю, -ешь, -ет, -ем, -ете, and -ют.

бегать conjugation
я бегаю
ты бегаешь
он бегает
она бегает
оно бегает
мы бегаем
вы бегаете
они бегают

I think this video is helpful because it also describes what to do when a verb ends in a consonant such as the conjugation of жить.

As you'll discover, there are thousands of verbs that end in -ать. But there are about 60 that will drop the -ать and you'd have to watch for the consonant ending. A book like Essential Russian Grammar (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar) by Brian Kemple spends a lot of time helping us sort out the other endings that are more unique or irregular.

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Updated 5/5/2016