Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Russian Grammar Lesson: The Plural of the Nouns in the Nominative Case

Russian Grammar Lesson 8: The Plural of the Nouns in the Nominative Case

A blog post on Fun Russian with more information and practice regarding The Plural of the Russian Nouns in the Nominative Case. Between the video and that post on her blog, Victoria from Fun Russian goes through the rules for changing Russian nouns from singular to plural. She talks about the endings for both hard and soft stem nouns that are masculine, feminine and neuter. Then she touches on the seven letter spelling rule. I won't copy that information here, but the The 7 Letter Spelling Rule in Russian is discussed both in the video above on on the blog link above.

At the end of the video she gives five practice words in singular, and suggests writing the answers in the comments on YouTube. I did write the words down in singular and plural. Sure enough, I got one wrong and I was quickly able to correct myself via Victoria's comments left for other language learners on YouTube.

Here is the tag in this blog regarding gender of Russian nouns.

принтер - принтеры
printer - printers

девочка - девочки
girl - girls

одеяло - одеяла
blanket - blankets

кухня - кухни
kitchen - kitchens

врач - врачи
doctor - doctors