Thursday, April 23, 2015

100 Primeras Frases y Palabras en Ruso

Una lista de 100 primeras frases y palabras en Ruso, con pronunciación y escritura. A list of 100 phrases and words in Russian for Spanish speakers. I wish I could find some English-Russian videos on YouTube in this format. I find it helpful to hear phrases with their translation in English. I've seen some advice to make sure to learn a language from your mother tongue, but being a rebel, I go through so Spanish language Russian lessons on YouTube anyway. So far it doesn't seem to interfere with my thought process. I'm not sure if it helps to interweave languages a bit either! I have yet to find a polyglot or linguist address this idea in a YouTube video or article. But, "learn a third language with your second language" is not an easy concept to Google.