Sunday, March 15, 2015

Russian Grammar Lesson 3: Personal Pronouns in Russian

This Russian grammar video lists the personal pronouns in Russian, giving a few sample sentences to remind us that like in English a personal pronoun can replace a noun.

Singular Personal Pronouns
я - I
ты - you (informal)
он - he
она - her
оно - it

Plural Personal Pronouns
мы - we
вы - you (formal)
они - they

When you just meet a Russian speaker, you should refer to them with the more formal "вы". Before referring to them as "ты" you should run it by them first. Below are a few sample sentences that demonstrate how to ask if you can be informal with someone in Russian.

Может перейдём на «ты»?
Перейдём на «ты»?
Можно на «ты»?